USA Rugby Elite Cup

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USA Rugby Elite Cup
Sport rugby union
Instituted 2012
Inaugural season 2013
Number of teams 8
Country  United States (USA Rugby)
Champions San Francisco Golden Gate RFC[1] (1st title) (2013)
Website Elite Cup
Qualification Top 8 Teams of Division I

The USA Rugby Elite Cup is an annual rugby union competition organized by USA Rugby involving the top USA rugby clubs.

The competition was founded in 2012,[2] replacing the USA Rugby Super League.[3] The inaugural tournament began on 16 March 2013.



Following the inaugural season, the top eight teams from USA Rugby's Division I Club Competition will compete.


Pool stage[edit]

Two pools of four teams play three games, one against each other team in their pool. There is no inter-pool play. The pools are divided geographically, East & West.

Four points are awarded for a win and two points for a draw. A bonus point is awarded for a loss by seven points or fewer, or for scoring four tries or more. The top two teams from each pool qualify for the semi-finals. The two pool winners have home field advantage.

Knock-out stage[edit]

The semi-finals are East 1 vs East 2 and West 1 vs West 2. The semi-finals are played at the home stadiums of the higher-seeded teams.


Team Pool Stadium (capacity) City
Boston East Franklin Park (500) Boston, MA
Denver Barbarians West Shea Stadium (Denver) Denver, CO
Glendale Raptors West Infinity Park (4,000) Glendale, CO
Life East Life University Rugby Complex Marietta, GA
New York Athletic Club (or NYAC) East Travers Island New York City
Old Blue East Columbia Soccer Stadium (3,500) New York City
Old Puget Sound Beach (or OPSB) West Magnuson Park Seattle, WA
San Francisco Golden Gate (or SFGG) West Ray Sheeran Field San Francisco, CA
Locations of teams for the 2013 Elite Cup season.


Year Location Final
Winner Score Runner-up
2013[1] Infinity Park
Glendale, Colorado
San Francisco Golden Gate 31 - 26 Life


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