Uncial 0122

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New Testament manuscripts
Uncial 0122
Text Galatians †; Hebrews
Date 9th-century
Script Greek
Now at Russian National Library
Size 25 cm by 20 cm
Type Byzantine text-type
Category III

Uncial 0122 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), α 1030 (Soden), is a Greek uncial manuscript of the New Testament. Palaeographically it has been assigned to the 9th-century.[1] Hort designated it by Od.[2]


The codex contains a small parts of the Galatians 5:12-6:4 and Hebrews 5:8-6:10 on two parchment leaves (25 cm by 20 cm). The text is written in two columns per page, 28 lines per page, in small uncial letters.[1] It has breathings and accents. There are liturgical markings at the margin in red.[3]


The Greek text of this codex is a representative of the Byzantine text-type, but with considerable deviations from the Byzantine text (Galatians 5:; 6:1.3). Aland placed it in Category III.[1] It means the text of the manuscript has a historical importance.

In Galatians 6:2 its read αναπληρωσατε along with א, A, C, Dgr, K, P, Ψ, 33, 81, 88, 104, 181, Byz.[4]

It was heavily corrected.


Currently it is dated by the INTF to the 9th-century.[1][5]

The manuscript was examined and described by Constantin von Tischendorf,[3] Eduard de Muralt[6] and Kurt Treu.

The codex now is located in the Russian National Library (Gr. 32), in Saint Petersburg.[1]

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