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This contributor to Wikipedia is female.

About me[edit]

I come from a long-time Queensland family and my interests (as reflected in my contributions) are primarily about Queensland history (including biography) and geography. I am currently rolling out a set of articles for properties on the Queensland Heritage Register.

Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest[edit]

Governance roles[edit]

I am a council member of The Women's College at the University of Queensland.

I am a committee member of Wikimedia Australia. In that role, I am a liaison to the State Library of Queensland.


I am a member of:


None, I am retired. Nobody pays me to edit Wikipedia. I do it because I want to build: "a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge."

Second account[edit]

I have a second account User:WMAU KR for training run by Wikimedia Australia in order to have a "vanilla account" to use in live demonstrations with new users so they will see behaviour similar to their own account unaffected by my preference choices in my regular account. This is permitted by WP:VALIDALT.

My thoughts about quality in Wikipedia[edit]

In terms of the Wikipedia debate on deletionism and inclusionism, I'm probably more inclined to inclusionism. I feel that if someone takes the trouble to contribute material to Wikipedia in good faith (including that they have no conflict of interest in relation to the topic), then they would not do that unless they thought others might find it useful. If we want Wikipedia to be "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit" (as it says on the Wikipedia main page), we must understand that "anyone" encompasses a massive range of abilities when it comes to writing. And for new/occasional contributors, it isn't realistic to assume that they know the Manual of Style inside-and-out. Yes, overall we want to strive towards quality, but we cannot always expect to start with quality. I think deleting good faith contributions on the grounds of quality will only offend the contributor and makes them less likely to contribute in future.

Having said all that, if a lot of work has gone into creating an article (whether it be for reasons of quality or controversy), a new editor bumbling about with good-faith low-quality edits can unintentionally do a lot of damage or re-ignite a lot of old arguments. I think there is a legitimate argument for switching to a different mode of editing for such articles for new editors to that article. For example, the Edit button could lead to a screen that explained why the article could no longer be edited in the normal way and then invite the new editor to simply indicate the changes they wanted, but which would be implemented by an editor experienced with that particular article (a curator role). The curator could then negotiate/explain to the new editor if their proposed edits weren't appropriate (based on the long history of the article's development) or re-write the proposed changes to better reflect the agreements previously reached in the articles development. That is, apply a higher bar to contributions to high quality articles and a lower bar to lower quality articles.

Favourite text and citations[edit]


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Favourite external links[edit]

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  • Brisbites and Our Brisbane

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