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This user is a bot
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Operator Magioladitis
Approved? Yes
Flagged? Yes
Task(s) See section (below)
Edit rate Non Set
Edit period(s) Periodically / Some tasks run daily
Automatic or manual? Automatic
Programming language(s) AWB
Exclusion compliant? Yes
Source code published? On request
Emergency shutoff-compliant? Yes

Yobot is a bot account operated by Magioladitis. It is a multi-purpose bot which edits in both main space and talk space.

Yobot started its career in the English Wikipedia by working in categorizing individuals in categories concerning the year, date and place of their birth/death, the time period they lived in, their profession, etc.


  • As of January 2010, Yobot assesses pages into various projects.
  • As of April 2010, Yobot performs auto-tagging of article pages.
  • In March 2013, Yobot became the fourth bot account that reached 3 million edits.

Before contacting[edit]

Before contacting: Read instructions below carefully. Maybe the answers are there.

Some things about tagging people as alive or dead
  • Per consensus, if a person is known to be dead they should be explicitly marked as such. So addition of living=no by Task 9 is not pointless. Yobot is adding this parameter since October 2008.
  • Articles for groups of people (this includes musical groups) of which at least one member is alive should be tagged as "living=yes".
  • Individuals in Category:Possibly living people should be tagged as "living=yes".
  • If Yobot made a mistake please be bold and correct it.
  • Check if the wrong tag is a result of the article wrongly categorised and fix the categorisation.
    • If the person is dead and the page has Category:Living people, please remove the category from the article. Don't do that if the page is for more than one person and at least one is alive.
    • Sometimes editors wrongly tag dead people with {{BLP unsourced}} which automatically adds them to Category:Living people. Please replace this tag with {{Unreferenced}} if the person is dead.
    • Check for hidden categories in {{Lifetime}} that override over categories.
    • Check for administrative categories in the talk page, such as Category:Year of death unknown. Many editors confuse Category:Year of death unknown and Category:Year of death missing. Make sure you don't by reading the instructions in the categories' talk pages!
    • Sometimes errors occur from poorly organised categories. I attempt to avoid this mistakes by loading each level of category separately but mistakes have happened.
  • Report the error if the article is about more than 1 person. Articles for groups of people who some are alive and some are dead result to "false positives". I need these cases to minimise mistakes in the future.
    • Sometimes a birth/death category is in the main article but the article is not about an individual or a group of individuals. Please report this cases in my false positives list.
    • Don't report if you found and correct the error and you think it's not a "false positive" case.
    • Yobot has a list with false positives. You can update it!
  • You can help! Join Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography and/or Wikipedia:WikiProject Living people and help Wikipedia correctly categorise individuals by adding categories and tagging with {{WikiProject Biography}}

WikiProject tagging[edit]

In order to request bot tagging for a WikiProject, you'll have to follow the following rules

How to request bot tagging properly
  1. You have to be member of the WikiProject
  2. Leave a message on bot's talk page
  3. The WikiProject should be notified on its talk page about the request
  4. An official bot request should be made
  5. Request should include list of pages or categories with no subcategories. Create a list with all the subcategories that you want to be tagged
  6. Bot run will start at least 3 days after the request is completed

Frequently Asked Questions on editing Talk pages[edit]

Q: Yobot bypassed a redirect of a WikiProject banner. Isn't this against WP:NOTBROKEN?
A: WP:NOTBROKEN deals with links in pipes. The main reasons for NOTBROKEN are (a) that the link shown in the main window and the text on the bottom should be the same so that editors do not get confused and (b) the wording should not exclude the possibility that articles more relevant to the redirect might be created in the future.
Expanding the names of shortcut banner names, helps new editors to understand what these banners are about and makes wikicode easier for reading. When the expanded name is of a standard form, it also helps automated bots add shells around WikiProject banners where necessary.
Q: Yobot tagged an article incorrectly with WPBiography. What do I do?
A: Read instructions in the green box above.
Q: How Yobot decides how to tag for living =no or =yes?
A: The methodology is based on the WP:DUCK principle. If the article is in Category:Living people then the person is alive, if it's in xxxx deaths, yyyy births (where CURRENTYEAR - yyyy > 121), zz-th century people (where zz < 19), etc. then the person is dead.
Q: Do you have a list of false positives?
A: For Tagging people as living/dead I have a list of false positives.

Frequently Asked Questions on edit summary[edit]

Q: What is the four-digit number in the parentheses next to "AWB" in the bot's edit summary?
A: It's AWB's current build. This helps AWB developer's in bug fixing.
Q: What is the two-digit number (or numbers separated by a colon) next to "CHECKWIKI?"
A: It's the specific CHECWIKI error fixed by the bot. The list of errors and explanation of what each number refers to can be found in User:Magioladitis/AWB and CHECKWIKI

General Frequently Asked Questions on editing[edit]

Q: I don't want your bot (or other bots) to mess with my talk page. What do I do?
A: Contact me. You can also check {{bots}}.

Before reporting, blocking or stopping[edit]

  • Yobot is an WP:AWB bot, an edit to its talk page is sufficient to stop it editing.
  • Please use Magioladitis' talk page for comments, concerns, ideas for improvements etc.
  • Be sure that the problem you are reporting is happening now. Otherwise, use Magioladitis' talk page to report the problem.
  • Be sure that you provide diffs if possible.
  • Stopping is better than blocking because the bot can continue doing other tasks until the problem is resolved.
  • Don't use the talk page for general discussion on policy etc.
  • Just reverting an edit won't help. Yobot will most probably revisit the page. Feel free to revert but please report the error too. This will help Magioladitis to try to fix the bug.

Approved tasks[edit]

Here is a list of the approved tasks.

  • Tasks in grey were one off tasks that have been completed.
  • Tasks in blue were abandoned due to change of consensus.
  • Tasks in yellow were abandoned since they are done by others.
List of approved tasks
  • To replace unlinked fictional character with fictional character to all fictional characters, starting with the soap opera ones. (Semi-Auto)
  • Task 3:If |living=yes exists replace Category:Place of birth missing with Category:Place of birth missing (living people)
  • Task 4: If |living=yes exists replace Category:Date of birth missing with Category:Date of birth missing (living people).
  • Task 5: If the page is not a talk page replace Category:Date of birth missing with Category:Year of birth missing (if Category:Living people exists then replace with Category:Year of birth missing (living people) instead)
  • Task 6: If the page is not a talk page replace Category:Date of death missing with Category:Year of death missing
  • Tagging people who died as "living=no" and those are alive as "living=yes"
  • Substitute {{BD}}.
BRFA 4 Remove {{DANFS talk}} from Talk pages according to Wikipedia:Templates for deletion/Log/2008 December 12.
BRFA 5 Remove Talk page attribution templates from Talk pages according to Wikipedia:Templates_for_deletion/Log/2009_January_18.
BRFA 6 Move Category:Year of birth unknown and Category:Year of death unknown to talk pages.
BRFA 7 Per request in my talk page and discussion I had with User:Carlaude, I'll try to reorganise Christian saints and martyrs to their correct categories following instructions in User:Carlaude/Notes.
BRFA 8 Replace the short-cut template "lifetime" with the DEFAULTSORT keyword and the categories it generates.
BRFA 9 WPBiography+other projects tagging.
  • Inheriting class from other project to WikiProject Biography
    • (Additional) Minor cleanup to talk pages
BRFA 11 Auto-untagging of orphans / Auto(un)tagging for wikify, deadend, uncategorised and remove expand tags if articles are stubs.
BRFA 12 Addition of references to "Name and History" sections of articles about Ohio townships as described at Wikipedia:Bot_requests/Archive_32#Add_single_reference_to_about_1400_articles.
  • Auto-tagging of uncategorized articles found in toolserver. Tagging/untagging will include all AWB's taggers.
  • Auto-tagging by request running in selected lists.
BRFA 14 Moving HATNOTES on the top per WP:HNP to help accessibility and navigation

After requests in WP:BOTREQ:

  • Substitute/add/remove/replace templates
  • Add/remove/replace categories
  • Add/remove parameters to templates
BRFA 16 WP:CHECKWIKI error fixes
BRFA 17 Various {{WikiProject Biography}} fixes
BRFA 18 Changes all transclusions of {{PD-old}} or {{pd-old}} to {{PD-old-100}}
BRFA 19 Adds listas in {{WikiProject Biography}}
BRFA 20 Replace superscripted text with normal text
BRFA 21 Same with BRFA 15 but for closed TfDs
BRFA 22 Rename "External link" and "External Links" to "External links"

How it works[edit]

Yobot operates with the help of AWB and Kingbotk plugin. Depending on the task a different list of settings is loaded. Yobot will run though lists created by AWB or by different appropriate tools found in the wmflabs server and were created by trusted editors.

Description of Tasks[edit]

False positives of task 9[edit]

False positives


Logs 2008-2012[edit]

This list is not exhaustive. It contains the main tasks done by the bot in the period June 2008 - January 2013. It mainly helps Magioladitis to keep track of my actions and feed me with new tasks. The log served as a tool to stop bugs and bad editing in the past.

The period 1 January - 13 March 2010, I ran task 9 daily to talk pages of recently created biographies of living people. This task now is performed by LaraBot.

Software involved a lot in the recent years and bugs were reduced.


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