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red bricked bridge over a small canal, surrounded in green
Warstock Lane Bridge, Birmingham

Warstock is a district within the city of Birmingham, UK, in the southern-most suburbs roughly 1 km east of the A435 and wthin the ward of Billesley. The area lies within the B14 postcode and is contiguous with Yardley Wood to the north-east, Solihull Lodge to the south-east and Highter's Heath to the south-west. Kings Heath lies to the north-west.

The core (i.e. uncontentiously defined area) of the suburb is centred around Daisy Farm Road and is the smallest widely recognised district within Birmingham (map). To the west of the core area some properties favour the wider B14 moniker of Kings Heath whilst the boundary with Highter's Heath is also undefined.

The housing is mostly terraced and semi-detached, almost all built in and around the 1930s, to house the result of the first baby boom. Normally a peaceful area, there is little commercial business. The core area includes the Highters Heath Community (primary) School and is served by National Express West Midlands no. 2 bus route.

Coordinates: 52°24′58″N 1°52′19″W / 52.416°N 1.872°W / 52.416; -1.872