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This article is about video games based on the Waterworld movie. For the earlier Atari 2600 game released as part of the Swordquest series and contest, see Waterworld.
Waterworld for Virtual Boy
Virtual Boy cover art
Developer(s) Ocean of America (VB, SS)
DMA Design (SNES, MD)
PAM Development (GB)
Intelligent Games (PC)
Publisher(s) Ocean Software (VB, SNES, GB, MD, SS)
Interplay (PC, 3DO)
Designer(s) Steve Woita (VB, SS)
Platform(s) Virtual Boy, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, PC, Sega Genesis, Saturn, 3DO (unpublished)
Release date(s) SNES & GB Virtual Boy
  • NA November 21, 1995
  • NA October 10, 1997
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) 1 - 9 players (Alternating)
Distribution 16 Megabit Cartridge

Waterworld is the name of various video games released for the Super Nintendo, Virtual Boy, Game Boy, and PC based on the film of the same name, along with unpublished games for the Mega Drive/Genesis, Sega Saturn, and 3DO. The Nintendo and Sega console versions were all produced by Ocean Software, while the PC and 3DO versions were produced by Interplay. The SNES and Game Boy games were released only in Europe in 1995 and the Virtual Boy game was released exclusively in North America in November 1995. The game received widespread negative reviews and the version released for the Virtual Boy is generally considered to be the worst game of its 22 releases.

Virtual Boy game[edit]

The game is focused around the Mariner's (the main character) trimaran, which the player moves around a 3-D world, shooting enemies on personal water crafts called Smokers. It is a form of 3D shoot 'em up, similar to that of the All-Range Mode in Star Fox 64.

The objective is to keep the Smokers from grabbing Atollers (inhabitants of Atoll) placed around the playing field. To keep them from being captured, the player must shoot the Smokers using the L and R buttons on the Virtual Boy's controller while moving around with either of the two directional pads.

Super Nintendo and Mega Drive game[edit]

Waterworld for Super Nintendo was released in 1995 in Europe by Ocean Software. It was only released in PAL territories, but an NTSC version had been scheduled for release in December 1995, and given a lengthy review in that month's issue of Nintendo Power.

The game was played from an overhead/isometric perspective with the player controlling the Mariner's boat on the ocean. The point of the game was to destroy the Smokers' boats and dive for sunken artifacts, at which point the game switches to a side on perspective so that the player can directly control the Mariner underwater.

A Mega Drive/Genesis version of this game was also done by Ocean. Planned for release in Europe in fall 1995, it was never distributed. A complete version of the game was eventually leaked on the net.

PC game[edit]

Waterworld for Windows and MS-DOS PCs was released on October 10, 1997 in North America by Interplay. It was developed by Intelligent Games.

Unlike Ocean's shooter games, Waterworld for PC was a real time strategy game with the player leading a squad of up to fourteen men to battle for possession of the film's floating Atolls. Each squad member has their own special abilities, and the player can purchase and upgrade their weapons and equipment. In addition, the player must defend their own fortress from Smoker attacks.


Waterworld is widely regarded as the worst Virtual Boy game out of the 22 games released in its short life. It is the lowest reviewed game at Planet Virtual Boy[1] and has the lowest reader review average at sites such as GameFAQs.[2]

GameSpot gave the PC version of Water World a score of 4.5/10.[3]

It is also Steven L. Kent's (author of The Ultimate History of Video Games and The Making of Doom 3) choice for worst video game of all time.[4]

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