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Wetterstein ehrwald 1.jpg
Wetterstein, from Ehrwald direction Zugspitze
Highest point
Peak Zugspitze
Elevation 2,962 m (9,718 ft)
Coordinates 47°25′0″N 10°59′42″E / 47.41667°N 10.99500°E / 47.41667; 10.99500
Northern Limestone Alps.png
Groups of the Northern Limestone Alps
(purple lines showing international borders and the borders of Austrian states)
Countries Austria and Germany
States Tyrol and Bavaria
Range coordinates 47°25′N 11°08′E / 47.42°N 11.13°E / 47.42; 11.13Coordinates: 47°25′N 11°08′E / 47.42°N 11.13°E / 47.42; 11.13
Parent range Northern Limestone Alps
Type of rock Limestone

The Wetterstein, is a mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps. It is a compact range between Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Mittenwald, Seefeld in Tirol and Ehrwald; partially in Bavaria, Germany and partially in Tyrol, Austria. In the Wetterstein is the highest peak in Germany, the Zugspitze.


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