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The Wikipedia Signpost

Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News

By ais523, 28 January, 2008

This is a summary of recent technology and site configuration changes that affect the English Wikipedia. Note that not all changes described here are necessarily live as of press time; the English Wikipedia is currently running version 1.24wmf21 (f480d1b), and changes to the software with a version number higher than that will not yet be active. Configuration changes and changes to interface messages, however, become active immediately.

Fixed bugs


The introduction of the new preprocessor (see related story), which is a configuration change, fixed many bugs, mostly to do with section editing.

  • Section edit links are now linked to edit the correct section, or alternatively removed, in all the following cases where they previously were incorrect in some way:
    • The section header uses == signs and is inside the parameter of an unclosed template (this markup is incorrect anyway, but it made it difficult to section-edit the article to correct the situation previously). (bug 2375)
    • Section headers made with <h2>, etc., tags, now do not produce an edit link at all; previously they were incorrect when inside templates. (This makes it possible to create a section with no edit link, for instance in a template, without affecting other section edit links on the page.) (bug 4034)
    • A template contains section headers inside <noinclude> or <includeonly>. (bug 6563)
    • A template contains section headers and is transcluded on the same page more than once. (bug 7083)
    • A page contains a <h2>-style heading after a ==-style heading. (bug 7713)
    • There is other markup on the same line as the heading. (Note that although the section edit link will now be correct if it appears, such constructs may not necessarily create a section edit link at all.) (bug 9156)
    • A section with ==-style markup is passed as a parameter to a template. (bug 11911)
  • Parser functions are no longer double-parsed. This caused several unexpected errors; some relating to template parameters (like {{{1}}}) inside parser functions are documented at m:ParserFunctions/5678, and also allowed {{!}} to sometimes separate template parameters (that template now never separates template parameters, although it can still be used in the other contexts in which it was used). (bug 5678)
  • References in a branch of a #if: or similar parser function no longer appear on the page if that branch is not selected. (bug 9083)

Other fixed bugs

New features

Ongoing news

  • Internationalisation has been continuing as normal; help is always appreciated! See mw:Localisation statistics for how complete the translations of languages you know are, and post any updates to bugzilla or use Betawiki.

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