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Wolfgang Baur (born 1968)[1] is an American game designer, best known for his work with Dragon magazine. He designs role-playing games and also is known for his work at Wizards of the Coast.


Wolfgang Baur was born in a suburb of Chicago, and later attended the University of Illinois and then Cornell University for graduate studies in biochemistry and molecular biology to pursue an academic career in research.[2] When he ran out of funding in 1991, Baur took a temporary job as assistant editor to Barbara Young at Dungeon magazine: "By the time my scholarship was reinstated, I didn't want to go back... I'd been writing for Dungeon Adventures and Iron Crown, but this was an opportunity to work in a field I loved."[2]

Baur was involved in many projects at TSR as either designer or editor, including Dungeon and Dragon magazines, the Planescape (Planes of Law, Planes of Chaos), Al-Qadim (Secrets of the Lamp, Assassin Mountain), and Birthright settings (Warlock of the Stonecrowns), editing the Star*Drive setting, Dataware', and Doom of Daggerdale.[2] Baur also worked for ICE on books such as Treasures of Middle-earth.[2] Baur also worked on the Dark•Matter setting for the Alternity science fiction role-playing game.[2]

Currently, he is the "Kobold-in-chief" for Open Design LLC, and editor-in-chief of its quarterly periodical Kobold Quarterly.[3] Open Design published Kobold Quarterly #1 (Summer 2007) before the final print issue of Dragon.[4]:390 Baur stated on July 17, 2008, that the GSL was "absolutely terrible for Kobold Quarterly," as the periodical would be unable to publish material for both D&D third edition and fourth edition.[4]:296 He won the eighth annual Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming in 2008.[5] Kobold Quarterly and Open Design won five ENnie Awards in 2009.

Baur maintains several RPG and writing related interests beyond his magazine. For instance, he is a member of the Alliterates (a group of local and national authors),[6] and serves as a judge for the RPG Superstar competitions, as part of a three-judge panel of respected figures from the field.[7]

Media mentions[edit]

Wolfgang has appeared in the following newspaper and magazine articles, websites and podcasts.


  • Atomic Array:[8] Wolfgang appeared on these episodes: 009[9] (Kobold Quarterly 007), 015[10] (Kobold Quarterly 008), and 021[11] (Kobold Quarterly 009).
  • Open Design:[12] Co-host with Ed Healy and Rone Barton. The official podcast for Wolfgang's publishing company.
  • RPG Countdown:[13] Wolfgang appeared on these episodes: 22 April 2009[14] (Kobold Quarterly 009), 6 November 2009[15] (Kobold Quarterly 011).


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