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Xinhua Bookstore (Chinese: 新华书店; pinyin: Xīnhuá Shūdiàn) owns the largest and only country-wide bookstore chain in China.

The main Xinhua Bookstore in Dalian, Liaoning, for example, is housed in a 9-storey building, with a basement for CDs, DVDs and computer software.


Xinhua Bookstore (in Chinese: 新华书店) was originally established as Guanghua Bookstore (in Chinese: 光华书店) in 1937 in Yan'an under the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China. In 1942, Guanghua Bookstore changed its name to Xinhua Bookstore.

The four Chinese letter "Xin-hua Shu-dian" logo was made in brush writing in 1948 by Chairman Mao Zedong. In 1951, during the First All-China Publishing Administration Conference, it was decided to be divided into People's Publishing House, Xinhua Bookstore and Xinhua Publishing Plant.

From 2003, Xinhua Bookstore is organized under the China Publishing Group (in Chinese: 中国出版集团) and owns the largest chain of bookstores in China. As China's only country-wide distribution channel of books, magazines and CDs–DVDs, it has an important role of the mass media, in addition to the role of the regular "bookstore".

In 2006, there were 14,000 Xinhua bookstores in China.[1] Its main store is now in Xicheng District in Beijing.

Xinhua Bookstore has its overseas subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Macao, with branches also in New York (third shop opened in November 2010), San Diego, and London.

Multiple distribution channels[edit]

A Xinhua Bookstore in Haikou City, Hainan Province

In the larger cities in China, Xinhua Bookstore has opened "Foreign Language Bookstores" (in Chinese: 外文书店) which sell books and CDs for learning foreign languages. Books published in foreign countries are not sold in China because of the price reasons, and magazine from foreign countries are prohibited for distribution for political reasons.

Xinhua Bookstore's Provincial Publishing Companies have recently begun opening different distribution channels, such as the Northern Book Town (in Chinese: 北方图书城) in Liaoning Province and Boku Book Town Chinese: 博库书城 in Zhejiang Province.


  • Local and university bookstores which mainly sell textbooks

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