Yoyogi-Hachiman Station

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Yoyogi-Hachiman Station
Yoyogi-Hachiman Station-maingate-south-2013.jpg
South entrance, 2013
Prefecture Tokyo
(See other stations in Tokyo)
Ward Shibuya
Opened 1927
Rail services
Operator(s) Odakyu Electric Railway
Line(s) Odakyū Odawara Line

Yoyogi-Hachiman Station (代々木八幡駅 Yoyogi-Hachiman-eki?) is a railway station on the Odakyu Odawara Line in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, operated by the private railway operator Odakyu Electric Railway.

Station layout[edit]

Tracks and platforms

The station has two side platforms serving two tracks.


1  Odakyu Odawara Line for Machida, Hon-Atsugi, Odawara, (Hakone-Tozan Railway) Hakone-Yumoto, (Odakyu Enoshima Line) Fujisawa, and Katase-Enoshima
2  Odakyu Odawara Line for Shinjuku

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Odakyu Odawara Line
Sangubashi Local Yoyogi-Uehara
Sectional Semi-Express: no stop
Semi-Express: no stop
Express: no stop
Tama Express: no stop
Rapid Express: no stop
Ltd. Exp. "Romance Car": no stop


The station opened on April 1, 1927.

Surrounding area[edit]

Coordinates: 35°40′11″N 139°41′20″E / 35.6697°N 139.6889°E / 35.6697; 139.6889