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Roquebrune sur Argens - Edika - P1200783.jpg
BornÉdouard Karali
(1940-12-17) December 17, 1940 (age 77)
Heliopolis, Egypt
Area(s)Artist, writer
Notable works

Édika is the nom de plume of Édouard Karali, a French comics artist, born December 17, 1940 in Heliopolis, Egypt, who is renowned for his distinctively absurd style. A number of his comic strips have been translated into English (published by Knockabout Comics), Spanish, Italian (in the magazine Totem comic), German (published by Alpha Comics), Swedish (published by Epix), Danish (published by Runepress) and Greek (in the magazines Babel and Para Pente).


Initially working for the advertising industry in Egypt, he moved to France where his works were published in the Franco-Belgian comics magazines Pilote, Charlie Mensuel, and Psikopat, the magazine of his brother Paul Carali.[1] A major milestone in his career as a comics artist was his cooperation with Gotlib, becoming a main contributor to the comics magazine Fluide Glacial.


A typical Edika comics episode involves a plot structured in a complex and often inconsequential fashion, filled with verbose dialogues and a lot of meta-references. Most of those episodes don't have an ending.

Recurring characters are Bronski Proko and sometimes his family: wife Olga, kids Paganini (or just Nini) and Georges, and a non-speaking cat with an otherwise human behaviour, named Clarke Gaybeul (deliberately homophone to Clark Gable).



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