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Not to be confused with Ø (Disambiguation).

The letter Ø and the similar-looking symbol may refer to:


  • Ø and ø, a Scandinavian vowel letter
  • ø, the IPA letter for a close-mid front rounded vowel
  • ɸ, the IPA letter for an unvoiced bilabial fricative
  • θ, the IPA letter for an unvoiced dental fricative
  • , the symbol for zero in linguistics
  • Ф and ф, the Cyrillic letter ef, corresponding to "f" or "ph"
  • Φ and φ, the Greek letter phi, corresponding to "f" or "ph"
  • Θ and θ, the Greek letter theta, corresponding to "th"
  • Ѳ and ѳ, the Old Cyrillic letter fita, corresponding to "f" and transliterating Greek theta
  • Oe (Cyrillic) and ө, Cyrillic barred O, representing an open-mid front rounded vowel in some Turkic and Mongolic languages


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