114th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)

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The 114th Division (第114師団 Dai-hyakunijuyon Shidan?) was a B-class square division of the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War. Formed in Central China in 1937, under the Central China Expeditionary Force in the Nanjing, Shanghai area. Transferred to North China Area Army for the Battle of Northern and Eastern Henan in 1938. Disbanded in 1940. Reformed in July 1944 in China from the 3rd Independent Infantry Brigade. It then garrisoned the Linfen area of Shanxi along the Tongpu Railroad.

Organization of 114th Division[edit]


114th Division -

  • 127th Infantry Brigade
    • 66th Infantry Regiment
    • 115th Infantry Regiment
  • 128th Infantry Brigade
    • 102nd Infantry Regiment
    • 150th Infantry Regiment
  • 120th Field Artillery Regt
  • 118th Cavalry Regiment
  • 114th Engineer Regiment
  • 114th Transport Regiment


114th Division

  • 83rd Infantry Brigade
    • 199th Independent Infantry Battalion
    • 200th Independent Infantry Battalion
    • 201th Independent Infantry Battalion
    • 202th Independent Infantry Battalion
  • 84th Infantry Brigade
    • 381st Independent Infantry Battalion
    • 382nd Independent Infantry Battalion
    • 383rd Independent Infantry Battalion
    • 384th Independent Infantry Battalion
  • Labor troops
  • Signal communication unit
  • Field hospital


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