1881 in South Africa

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1881 in South Africa
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List of years in South Africa


  • The Government of Cape Prime Minister Gordon Sprigg falls due to ruinous war expenses. Scanlen and Molteno form the Scanlen Government and begin moves to secure peace on the frontier and stabilise finances.
Unknown date
  • The Tshwana-Kora wars break out with white mercenary involvement.
  • The town of Roburnia is established as the capital of the Republic of New Scotland. It was renamed to Amsterdam in 1882.
  • Gold is discovered in the Barberton area.




New lines[edit]

Railway lines opened[edit]


  • Two 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm) Cape gauge 0-4-0 saddle-tank locomotives are placed in service by Teague and Company on Teague’s Tramway at the Kimberley diamond mine.[5]


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