1884 Louisiana gubernatorial election

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Louisiana gubernatorial election, 1884

← 1879 April 22, 1884 1888 →
  Samuel Douglas McEnery cph.3b20800.jpg No image.svg
Nominee Samuel D. McEnery John Stevenson
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 88,794 43,502
Percentage 67.12% 32.88%

Governor before election

Samuel D. McEnery

Elected Governor

Samuel D. McEnery

The Louisiana gubernatorial election, 1884, was the second election to take place under the Louisiana Constitution of 1879. As a result of this election Samuel D. McEnery was re-elected Governor of Louisiana. The election saw widespread intimidation of African-Americans which guaranteed the election of the Democratic nominee.


Popular Vote[1]

Party Candidate Votes received Percentage
Democratic Samuel D. McEnery 88,794 67.12%
Republican John A. Stevenson 43,502 32.88%
Total Vote 132,296

Preceded by
1879 Louisiana gubernatorial election
Louisiana gubernatorial elections Succeeded by
1888 Louisiana gubernatorial election


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