1905 United States gubernatorial elections

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United States gubernatorial elections, 1905

← 1904 November 7, 1905 1906 →

4 state governorships
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Party Republican Democratic Silver
Last election 25 governorships 19 governorships 1 governorship
Seats before 26[a] 18 1
Seats after 26 18 1
Seat change Steady Steady Steady

     Democratic gain      Democratic hold
     Republican gain      Republican hold

United States gubernatorial elections were held on November 7, 1905, in four states. Virginia holds its gubernatorial elections in odd numbered years, every 4 years, following the United States presidential election year. Massachusetts and Rhode Island at this time held gubernatorial elections every year, which they would abandon in 1920 and 1912, respectively.

In Ohio, following a 1905 amendment to the constitution moving the election schedule, the governor’s term was lengthened to three years. Elections would be held in even-numbered years from the 1908 elections.


State Incumbent Party Status Opposing Candidates
Massachusetts William L. Douglas Democratic Retired, Republican victory Curtis Guild Jr. (Republican) 50.46%
Charles W. Bartlett (Democratic) 44.70%
James F. Carey (Socialist) 3.29%
Willard O. Wylie (Prohibition) 0.84%
William H. Carroll (Socialist Labor) 0.71%
Ohio Myron T. Herrick Republican Defeated, 45.98% John M. Pattison (Democratic) 50.53%
Isaac Cowan (Socialist) 1.90%
Aaron S. Watkins (Prohibition) 1.40%
John E. Seitger (Socialist Labor) 0.19%
Rhode Island George H. Utter Republican Re-elected, 53.30% Lucius F. C. Garvin (Democratic) 43.95%
Bernan E. Helme (Prohibition) 1.50%
Thomas F. Herrick (Socialist Labor) 0.63%
Warren A. Carpenter (Socialist) 0.62%
Virginia Andrew Jackson Montague Democratic Term-limited, Democratic victory Claude Augustus Swanson (Democratic) 64.51%
Lunsford L. Lewis (Republican) 35.09%
B. D. Downey (Socialist Labor) 0.35%
Scattering 0.06%


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  1. ^ The Colorado legislature removed Colorado Governor Alva Adams (D) from office in March 1905 over alleged electoral fraud, replacing him with James Hamilton Peabody (R) on condition he immediately resign, whereupon he was succeeded by Lieutenant Governor Jesse Fuller McDonald (R).