Silver Party

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Silver Party
Leaders John E. Jones
Reinhold Sadler
Founded 1892
Dissolved 1911
Merged into Democratic Party
Ideology Liberalism
Free silver

The Silver Party was a political party in the United States, most successful in Nevada, active from 1892 until 1911.[1][2] The party supported a platform of bimetallism and free silver.

In 1892 the several Silver Party candidates were elected to Nevada public offices. The party's success continued throughout the decade, culminating in the election of Governors John E. Jones and Reinhold Sadler. Nevada was the only state to elect both Senators and Congressional representatives from the Silver Party.[3]

Nationally the Silver Party aligned with the Populist Party and to a lesser extent with the Silver Republican Party. By 1902 most pro-silver factions in Nevada had been absorbed by the state Democratic Party organization.

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