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List of years in British television (table)

This is a list of British television related events from 1957.


  • 16 February – The "Toddlers' Truce" (an arrangement whereby there were no television broadcasts between 6 PM and 7 PM, to allow parents to put their children to bed!) is abolished. It has been a major stumbling block to the success of ITV.
  • 3 March – The United Kingdom enters the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time with "All" performed by Patricia Bredin.
  • 1 April – British current affairs programme Panorama broadcasts the famous Spaghetti trees hoax report.[1]
  • 21 April – Historical documentary series Men, Women and Clothes begins airing. It is the first BBC programme filmed in colour, although it can only be transmitted in black and white.
  • 24 April – The Sky at Night appears for the first time, presented by Patrick Moore. It continues to air with Moore as presenter until his death in December 2012.
  • 31 August – Central Scotland's ITV franchise Scottish Television goes on air, the first 7-day-a-week ITV franchise to do so.
  • 18 September – The sports programme Scotsport begins airing on Scottish Television. By the time it ended in 2008 it was recognised as the world's longest running sports television magazine.
  • 24 September – The ITV Schools service, broadcasting programmes for schools and colleges, goes on air.
  • 3 December – Face to Face debuts on the BBC Television Service.
  • 25 December – The Royal Christmas Message is first televised with a message from Elizabeth II.


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