1958 Coupe de France Final

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The 1958 Coupe de France Final was a football match held at Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir, Colombes on 18 May 1958, that saw Stade de Reims defeat Nîmes Olympique 3–1 thanks to goals by René Bliard (2) and Just Fontaine.

Match details[edit]

Stade de Reims 3–1 Nîmes Olympique
Bliard Goal 42' Goal 89'
Fontaine Goal 56'
Mazzouz Goal 49'
Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir, Colombes
Attendance: 56,523
Referee: Le Menn
GK France Dominique Colonna
DF France Simon Zimny
DF France Raoul Giraudo
DF France Armand Penverne
DF France Robert Jonquet (c)
MF France Robert Siatka
MF France Robert Lamartine
FW France René Bliard
FW France Just Fontaine
FW France Roger Piantoni
FW France Jean Vincent
France Albert Batteux

Assistant referees:
Fourth official:

GK France Alexandre Roszak
DF Morocco Mustapha Bettache
DF France Robert Venturi
DF France Pierre Barlaguet
DF France Maurice Lafont (c)
MF France André Schwager
MF Spain Emilio Salaber
FW Morocco Hassan Akesbi
FW France Henri Skiba
FW France Algeria Kader Mazzouz
FW France Bernard Rahis
France Algeria Kader Firoud

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