1960 UCI Road World Championships

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1960 UCI Road World Championships
Host city Sachsenring-Leipzig, East Germany
Date(s)  (1960-08-14)14 August 1960

The 1960 UCI Road World Championships took place on 14 August 1960 on the Sachsenring for the two men's races, and in Leipzig for the women's race, in East Germany.


20 Pfennig Stamp of the German Democratic Republic for the Championships
Race: Gold: Time Silver: Time Bronze : Time
Men's race
Men's road race
Rik Van Looy
7 h 47 min 27s André Darrigade
m.t. Pino Cerami
Amateurs' road race Bernhard Eckstein
 East Germany
- Gustav-Adolf Schur
 East Germany
- Willy Vanden Berghen
Women's road race Beryl Burton
 Great Britain
- Rosa Sels
- Elisabeth Kleinhaus
 East Germany

Medal table[edit]

1 Belgium (BEL)1124
2 East Germany (DDR)1113
3 Great Britain (GBR)1001
4 France (FRA)0101
Totals (4 nations)3339

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