1968 Norwegian Football Cup

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The 1968 Norwegian Football Cup was the 63rd season of the Norwegian annual knockout football tournament. The Final was held on 27 October 1968. Lyn won. Mjøndalen qualified for the 1969-70 European Cup Winners' Cup as runners-up because Lyn had won the League and qualified for the 1969-70 European Cup.

The Final[edit]

The Final was held at the Ullevaal Stadion in Oslo and was attended by 21,101 spectators.

Lyn won the Norwegian Cup after beating Mjøndalen IF 3–0. The goal scorers for Lyn were Ola Dybwad-Olsen, who scored in the 39th minute, Jan Berg, who scored in the 81st minute, and Harald Berg, who scored in the 89th minute.

The referee was Henry Øberg.

This was Lyn's eighth Norwegian Cup.

Lyn's winning squad: