1989 Alberta Senate nominee election

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The 1st Alberta Senate nominee election was held on October 16, 1989, in Alberta, Canada. It was held in conjunction with Alberta municipal elections under the Local Authorities Election Act., and resulted in the first Canadian Senator appointed following a popular election.

The vote was held along municipal electoral boundaries, but conducted by Elections Alberta. Candidates were registered with provincial parties.

Stan Waters, nominated by the Reform Party, won the election, and was subsequently appointed to the Senate.

Candidates and results[edit]

Candidate Party Votes # Votes %
  Stan Waters Reform 259,292 41.7%
  Bill Code Liberal 139,809 22.5%
  Bert Brown Progressive Conservative 127,638 20.5%
  Gladys Taylor Independent 38,534 6.2%
  Kenneth Paproski Independent 30,849 5.0%
  Tom Sindlinger Independent 25,491 4.1%

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