1994 World's Strongest Man

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1994 World's Strongest Man
Host city South Africa Sun City, South Africa
Winner Iceland Magnús Ver Magnússon
Nations participating 16 (heats) 8 (final)
Athletes participating 16 (heats) 8 (final)

The 1994 World's Strongest Man was the 17th edition of World's Strongest Man and was won by Magnus Ver Magnusson from Iceland. It was his second title after finishing second the previous 2 years in a row. Manfred Hoeberl from Austria finished second after finishing fourth the previous year, and Riku Kiri from Finland finished third for the second consecutive time. The contest was held in Sun City, South Africa.[1] This was the first year that the qualifying heats were implemented, and surprisingly, the 1993 champion Gary Taylor failed to qualify for the finals.


Group 1[edit]

Position Name Nationality Points
1. Forbes Cowan  Scotland 11
2. Joe Onosai American Samoa Samoa 11
3. Gary Taylor  Wales 11
4. Bill Lyndon  Australia 7

Group 2[edit]

Position Name Nationality Points
1. Manfred Hoeberl  Austria 14
2. Ted van der Parre  Netherlands 11
3. László Fekete  Hungary 10
4. Ron Trottier  Canada 5

Group 3[edit]

Position Name Nationality Points
1. Magnús Ver Magnússon  Iceland 13
2. Anton Boucher  Namibia 12
3. Wayne Price  South Africa 10
4. Henrik Ravn  Denmark 3 (injured)

Group 4[edit]

Position Name Nationality Points
1. Riku Kiri  Finland 14
2. Gerrit Badenhorst  South Africa 13
3. Heinz Ollesch  Germany 9
4. Steve Pulcinella  United States 4

Final results[edit]

#[1] Name[1] Nationality[1] Pts[1]
1 Magnús Ver Magnússon Iceland Iceland 50.5
2 Manfred Hoeberl Austria Austria 49.5
3 Riku Kiri Finland Finland 48
4 Gerrit Badenhorst South Africa South Africa 38.5
5 Forbes Cowan Scotland Scotland 36.5
6 Anton Boucher Namibia Namibia 31.5
7 Joe Onosai American Samoa Samoa 12.5 (injured)
8 Ted Van Der Parre Netherlands Netherlands 7 (injured)


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