1999 World Table Tennis Championships

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World Table Tennis Championships
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The 1999 World Table Tennis Championships were held in Eindhoven from August 2 to August 8, 1999.[1][2] The Championships were originally scheduled from April 26 to May 9 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia but were postponed after the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia during the Kosovo War in March 1999.[3] Individual events were relocated to Eindhoven and team competitions were moved to Kuala Lumpur in 2000.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles China Liu Guoliang China Ma Lin Austria Werner Schlager
Sweden Jan-Ove Waldner
Women's singles China Wang Nan China Zhang Yining South Korea Ryu Ji-hae
China Li Nan
Men's doubles China Kong Linghui
China Liu Guoliang
China Wang Liqin
China Yan Sen
Croatia Zoran Primorac
Belarus Vladimir Samsonov
South Korea Kim Taek-soo
South Korea Park Sang-joon
Women's doubles China Li Ju
China Wang Nan
China Sun Jin
China Yang Ying
China Zhang Yingying
China Zhang Yining
South Korea Kim Moo-kyo
South Korea Park Hae-jung
Mixed doubles China Ma Lin
China Zhang Yingying
China Feng Zhe
China Sun Jin
China Wang Liqin
China Wang Nan
China Qin Zhijian
China Yang Ying


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