1 Spinningfields

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1 Spinningfields
General information
Status Approved
Type Office
Location Quay Street
United Kingdom
Antenna spire 90m
Technical details
Floor count 20
Floor area 34,000 m2 (370,000 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architect Ian Simpson Architects
Developer Allied London

1 Spinningfields (formerly 1 Hardman Square) is a proposed 90m office tower which would be located in the Spinningfields district of Manchester city centre, Manchester in the United Kingdom.

The development was previously known as 1 Hardman Square which was a 140-metre skyscraper but was cancelled in 2009. The development was revived in 2014 with a 90-metre office tower and the revised design gained planning approval in May 2014. It is anticipated that demolition of Quay House will start in October 2014 and construction could start on the tower in early 2015.[2]


1 Hardman Square (2004-2013)[edit]

The skyscraper was first proposed in 2004, linking in with the new developments in the Spinningfields district of Manchester and the growth in proposals for skyscrapers in Manchester at the time. The Credit Crunch in 2008 paralysed the development market, particularly in the expensive sector of constructing skyscrapers.

In 2011, it was reported that developers of the tower, Allied London, were on the verge of sealing a £165m deal with German fund manager, Union Investment.[3] As part of the deal, Union Investments will forward-purchase 1 Hardman Square, thus giving Allied London capital to construct the skyscraper.[4] Construction of the skyscraper will be dependent on whether Allied London can sign up tenants for half the building, which could take up to two years as the economy recovers.[5][6]

1 Spinningfields (2014-)[edit]

Following the news in 2011 that a deal to build a 350,000 sq ft office tower was possible, plans for such a scheme were finally released in January 2014 and submitted for planning permission. The 90 metre tower will contain 350,000 sq ft of Grade A office space over 19 storeys.[7] The building will be Manchester's tallest office block since CIS Tower, constructed in 1962.[8]


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