2007 Race of Champions

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2007 Race of Champions
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2007 Race of Champions at Wembley Stadium.
The 16 competitors line up before the start of the event.
Michael Schumacher congratulates Mattias Ekström for his second RoC title.

The 2007 Race of Champions took place on December 16 at the Wembley Stadium. Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel of the German team beat Finland to the Nation's Cup, however Mattias Ekström of Sweden and the Scandinavian team won the Driver's Cup after beating Schumacher in the three-heat final.[1]

The event itself was overshadowed by the recent death of former World Rally Champion Colin McRae who died in a helicopter accident on the 15 September. He was due to represent Scotland alongside David Coulthard. Colin's position was filled by his rally driver brother Alister McRae.


Team Drivers 2007 series
England Autosport England Jenson Button Formula One
Andy Priaulx WTCC
 Finland Marcus Grönholm WRC
Heikki Kovalainen Formula One
 France Sébastien Bourdais Champ Car
Yvan Muller WTCC
 Germany Michael Schumacher none
Sebastian Vettel Formula One
 Norway Henning Solberg WRC
Petter Solberg WRC
DenmarkSweden Scandinavia Mattias Ekström DTM
Tom Kristensen DTM
Scotland F1 Racing Scotland David Coulthard Formula One
Alister McRae WRC
 United States Jimmie Johnson NASCAR
Travis Pastrana X Games & Rally America


Driver's Cup[edit]

Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Solution F Prototype
Germany Michael Schumacher1:50.1346
Norway Henning Solberg1:52.2629
Germany Michael Schumacher1:48.0203
England Jenson Button1:49.1543
England Jenson Button1:52.3686
Scotland Alister McRae1:54.8733
Germany Michael Schumacher1:47.9105
Solution F Prototype
France Sébastien Bourdais1:48.9747
United States Jimmie Johnson1:49.6683
Solution F Prototype
France Sébastien Bourdais1:48.9771
France Sébastien Bourdais1:50.4782
Scotland David Coulthard1:51.4879
Scotland David Coulthard1:50.6241
Norway Petter Solberg2:06.7098
Germany Michael Schumacher1
Solution F Prototype
Sweden Mattias Ekström2
Finland Heikki Kovalainen1:50.2973
Aston Martin Vantage N24
Germany Sebastian Vettel1:51.1478
Finland Heikki Kovalainen1:53.7035
Guernsey Andy Priaulx1:53.6036
Guernsey Andy Priaulx1:49.6485
Solution F Prototype
France Yvan Muller1:51.6445
Guernsey Andy PriaulxDNF
Solution F Prototype
Sweden Mattias Ekström1:49.3806
Sweden Mattias Ekström1:50.0963
Ford Focus RS WRC
Denmark Tom Kristensen1:51.1692
Sweden Mattias Ekström1:54.3696
United States Travis Pastrana1:57.1632
Finland Marcus Grönholm1:56.8349
United States Travis Pastrana1:55.2582


Driver 1 Time 1 Car Driver 2 Time 2
Germany Michael Schumacher 1:49.8010 Solution F Prototype Sweden Mattias Ekström 1:48.1945
Germany Michael Schumacher 1:47.0026 ROC Car Sweden Mattias Ekström 1:47.9687
Germany Michael Schumacher DNF Solution F Prototype Sweden Mattias Ekström 1:47.3191

Nations Cup[edit]

France France1
Norway Norway2
Norway Norway0
Finland Finland2
Finland Finland2
DenmarkSweden Scandinavia0
Germany Germany2
Finland Finland1
Scotland F1 Racing Scotland0
England Autosport England2
England Autosport England0
Germany Germany2
United States United States1
Germany Germany2


Team 1 Time 1 Score Team 2 Time 2 Car
France France 1-2 Norway Norway
Sébastien Bourdais 1:51.6054 Henning Solberg 1:55.1300 Solution F Prototype
Yvan Muller 1:55.2650 Petter Solberg 1:55.0342 Ford Focus RS WRC
Sébastien Bourdais DNF Petter Solberg 1:56.2768 ROC Car
Finland Finland 2-0 DenmarkSweden Scandinavia
Heikki Kovalainen 1:50.9680 Tom Kristensen 1:51.7954 Solution F Prototype
Marcus Grönholm 1:51.3012 Mattias Ekström 1:52.4360 Ford Focus RS WRC
Scotland F1 Racing Scotland 0-2 England Autosport England
David Coulthard 2:04.5674 Jenson Button 2:02.9926 Abarth Grande Punto S2000
Alister McRae 1:59.2322 Andy Priaulx 1:53.9674 Aston Martin Vantage N24
United States USA 1-2 Germany Germany
Jimmie Johnson 2:04.5386 Michael Schumacher 2:01.6595 Abarth Grande Punto S2000
Travis Pastrana 1:53.2361 Sebastian Vettel 1:54.6346 Aston Martin Vantage N24
Travis Pastrana 1:55.6721 Michael Schumacher 1:51.4714 ROC Car


Team 1 Time 1 Score Team 2 Time 2 Car
Norway Norway 0-2 Finland Finland
Henning Solberg 2:02.4305 Heikki Kovalainen 2:01.0103 Abarth Grande Punto S2000
Petter Solberg 1:54.1627 Marcus Grönholm 1:52.1561 Ford Focus RS WRC
England Autosport England 0-2 Germany Germany
Jenson Button 1:50.1701 Michael Schumacher 1:49.7097 Solution F Prototype
Andy Priaulx 1:52.3379 Sebastian Vettel 1:51.7319 Ford Focus RS WRC


Team 1 Time 1 Score Team 2 Time 2 Car
Germany Germany 2-1 Finland Finland
Michael Schumacher DNF Heikki Kovalainen DNF[2] Abarth Grande Punto S2000
Sebastian Vettel 1:50.8516 Marcus Grönholm 1:51.3727 Ford Focus RS WRC
Sebastian Vettel 1:49.6363 Heikki Kovalainen 1:51.1503 ROC Car

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  2. ^ Kovalainen laped Schumacher after the german stalled at the start line

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