2009 Race of Champions

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2009 Race of Champions
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The Beijing National Stadium, the venue for the 2009 Race of Champions.

The 2009 Race of Champions was the 22nd running of the event, and took place on November 3–4, 2009 at the Beijing National Stadium in Beijing, China. It was the first time that the event took place outside of Europe. It was also the first international sports event to be held in the "Bird's Nest" stadium since the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The event also moved from a weekend to a midweek slot for the first time. The RoC Nations Cup took place on Tuesday, November 3, just two days after the climax of the 2009 Formula One season in Abu Dhabi at the Yas Marina Circuit, with the Driver's Cup being contested on Wednesday 4, November.[1]

The new dates affected the United States and Australia the worst, since it meant drivers from those countries' popular saloon-car series (V8 Supercar and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series) could not participate in the event. Jamie Whincup of Team Vodafone was originally selected to participate but could not because of the schedule, so two motorcyclists were used on the team. In the past, the United States team has used Nationwide Series champion Carl Edwards, and four-time Sprint Cup Series champion Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. Two X Games stars and Rally America drivers were chosen.

Mattias Ekström won the World Final for Team Scandinavia, while Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher won the Nations Cup for Team Germany.

South Europe Regional Final[edit]

Michèle Mouton driving an Audi Quattro S1 during the South Europe finals

For the first ever time, regional finals were held to determine which nations will take part in Beijing. The first of these regional finals was for South Europe, featuring Portugal, Spain, Monaco and Italy. It was held in the Estádio do Dragão, the home of F.C. Porto on 6/7 June.

ROC Portugal[edit]

Miguel Barbosa won the ROC Portugal opener and was joined by A1 Grand Prix driver Filipe Albuquerque, José Pedro Fontes and team captain and Production World Rally Championship Armindo Araújo in the Portuguese team.

ROC Iberia[edit]

The Portuguese team faced a Spanish team made up of team captain World Rally Champion Carlos Sainz, Citroën WRC driver Dani Sordo, World Series by Renault driver Jaime Alguersuari and rally driver Sergio Vallejo in the ROC Iberia. Albuquerque beat Sordo by two heats to nil in the Iberian final.

ROC South Europe Finals[edit]

The Spanish pairing of Sainz and Sordo faced the Italian pairing of former World Rally champion Miki Biasion and current WRC driver Gigi Galli in the first semi-final. Spain won by three heats to nil. The Portuguese pairing of Albuquerque and Araujo faced Monaco, featuring A1GP driver Clivio Piccione and Le Mans 24 Hours winner Emanuele Pirro, who although born in Italy, has been a resident of Monaco for over 22 years. After four of five heats the score was balanced at 2–2, before Piccione beat Albuquerque by one ten thousandth of a second, the narrowest margin of victory in Race of Champions history. The Monegasque pairing beat the Spanish pair by three heats to one in the final to send Monaco through to the main event in November.[2]

ROC Legends[edit]

There was also a RoC Legends competition on the Saturday evening, featuring Sainz, Biasion, Pirro, Johnny Herbert, Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Mick Doohan, Andy Priaulx and Pedro Chaves. Priaulx beat Herbert in the Legends final by two heats to one.[3]


Team Drivers 2009 series
ScotlandSouth Africa All-Stars David Coulthard none
Giniel de Villiers Cross Country World Cup
Australia Australia Mick Doohan none
Chad Reed AMA Motocross Championship
China China Han Han Chinese Rally Championship
Ho-Pin Tung A1 Grand Prix & Superleague Formula
Finland Finland Marcus Grönholm none
Mikko Hirvonen WRC
France France Guerlain Chicherit Cross Country World Cup
Yvan Muller WTCC
Germany Germany Michael Schumacher none/Formula One testing
Sebastian Vettel Formula One
United Kingdom Great Britain Jenson Button Formula One
Andy Priaulx WTCC
Monaco Monaco Clivio Piccione A1 Grand Prix
Emanuele Pirro none
DenmarkSweden Scandinavia Mattias Ekström DTM
Tom Kristensen DTM
United States United States Tanner Foust X Games & Rally America
Travis Pastrana X Games & Rally America
  • Jamie Whincup originally was confirmed to participate, but later withdrew due to a scheduling conflict with the V8 Supercars Championship. Chad Reed took his place.
  • The two fastest Chinese drivers in the ROC China Challenge would represent their nation in the Nations Cup.


ROC China[edit]

Round 1 Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Final
China H. Han 2:23.923
China Y. Zhou DNF
China H. Han 2:10.148
China Z. G. Ren 2:11.272
China Z. G. Ren 2:09.466
China C. H. Huang 2:10.420
China H. Han 2:07.639
China Y. Liu 2:08.598
China Y. Liu 2:07.540
China L. F. Lin 2:09.921
China Y. Liu 2:07.809
China D. A. Chen 2:08.482
China D. A. Chen 2:08.246
China H. S. Guo 2:10.914
China H. Han 2:07.311
China H. B. Dong 2:05.181
China H. J. Wei 2:10.355
China H. B. Dong 2:06.955
China H. B. Dong 2:09.551
China C. D. Liu 2:11.409
China R. Wang 2:10.579
China C. D. Liu 2:08.815
China H. B. Dong 2:32.583
China S. F. Wang DNF
China B. Liu 2:07.976
China D. J. Wu 2:10.044
China B. Liu 2:06.635
China S. F. Wang 2:06.097
China S. F. Wang 2:06.304
China N. J. Lu 2:13.080

ROC Nations Cup[edit]

Group A[edit]

Pos Team Races W L Best Time
1  Germany 6 6 0 3:55.963
2  China 6 3 3 4:04.314
3  Finland 6 2 4 4:00.151
4  Australia 6 1 5 4:04.386

Group B[edit]

Pos Team Races W L Best Time
1 United Kingdom Great Britain 4 4 0 3:55.111
2 ScotlandSouth Africa All-Stars 4 1 3 3:58.339
3  Monaco 4 1 3 3:58.882
Team 1 Time 1 Score Team 2 Time 2 Car
United Kingdom Great Britain 2–0 ScotlandSouth Africa All-Stars
Jenson Button 2:00.394 David Coulthard 2:00.964
Andy Priaulx 1:58.399 Giniel de Villiers 2:02.927
United Kingdom Great Britain 2–0 Monaco Monaco
Jenson Button 1:59.109 Clivio Piccione 2:01.408
Andy Priaulx 1:56.002 Emanuele Pirro 1:57.466
Monaco Monaco 1–1 United KingdomSouth Africa All-Stars
Clivio Piccione 2:01.416 David Coulthard 1:58.824
Emanuele Pirro 1:58.607 Giniel de Villiers 1:59.515

Group C[edit]

Pos Team Races W L Best Time
1  United States 4 2 2 4:09.184
2  France 4 2 2 4:09.208
3 DenmarkSweden Scandinavia 4 2 2 4:10.252
Team 1 Time 1 Score Team 2 Time 2 Car
France France 1–1 DenmarkSweden Scandinavia
Yvan Muller 2:00.635 Tom Kristensen DNF
Guerlain Chicherit DNF Mattias Ekström 2:13.070
DenmarkSweden Scandinavia 1–1 United States United States
Tom Kristensen 2:05.039 Tanner Foust 2:03.692
Mattias Ekström 2:05.213 Travis Pastrana 2:05.776
United States United States 1–1 France France
Tanner Foust 2:03.408 Yvan Muller 2:03.104
Travis Pastrana 2:06.738 Guerlain Chicherit 2:08.573 ROC Car

Knockout stages[edit]

Semi-Finals Final
A1  Germany 2
C1  United States 1
A1  Germany 2
B1 United Kingdom Great Britain 1
A2  China 1
B1 United Kingdom Great Britain 2


Team 1 Time 1 Score Team 2 Time 2 Car
Germany Germany 2–1 United States United States
Michael Schumacher 2:03.615 Tanner Foust 2:03.281 ROC Car
Sebastian Vettel 1:55.212 Travis Pastrana 1:55.582 Ford Focus RS WRC
Sebastian Vettel 2:03.167 Tanner Foust 2:04.084 ROC Car
China China 1–2 United Kingdom Great Britain
Han Han 2:06.654 Jenson Button 2:03.201 ROC Car
Ho-Pin Tung 1:57.890 Andy Priaulx 2:01.565 Solution F Prototype
Ho-Pin Tung 2:04.477 Jenson Button 2:01.544 ROC Car


Team 1 Time 1 Score Team 2 Time 2 Car
Germany Germany 2–1 United Kingdom Great Britain
Michael Schumacher 1:59.348 Jenson Button 1:59.842 ROC Car
Sebastian Vettel 2:13.299 Andy Priaulx 1:52.479 Ford Focus RS WRC
Michael Schumacher 2:01.200 Andy Priaulx 2:02.364 ROC Car

World Final[edit]

Round 1[edit]

Semi-finals Final
 Monaco Clivio Piccione 1:59.759  
 China Ho-Pin Tung 2:03.870  

     Monaco Clivio Piccione 2:04.098
   United States Tanner Foust 2:01.233
 United States Tanner Foust 2:02.205
 Monaco Emanuele Pirro 2:18.797  

Knockout stages[edit]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
Ford Focus RS WRC        
 United Kingdom Jenson Button  1:51.375
Ford Focus RS WRC
 United Kingdom Andy Priaulx  1:55.500  
 United Kingdom Jenson Button  1:50.627
Solution F Prototype
     Sweden Mattias Ekström  1:49.500  
 Sweden Mattias Ekström  1:56.530
 Denmark Tom Kristensen  1:57.814  
 Sweden Mattias Ekström  2
ROC Car    
   Germany Michael Schumacher  0
 Germany Sebastian Vettel  1:58.213
 Scotland David Coulthard  1:58.930  
 Germany Sebastian Vettel  DNF

     Germany Michael Schumacher  1:57.940  
 Germany Michael Schumacher  1:57.805
 Finland Mikko Hirvonen  1:59.786  


Driver 1 Time 1 Car Driver 2 Time 2
Sweden Mattias Ekström 1:57.290 ROC Car Germany Michael Schumacher 1:57.471
Sweden Mattias Ekström 1:56.044 KTM X-Bow Germany Michael Schumacher 1:56.657


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