2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games

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12th Special Olympics World Summer Games
Dì shí'èr jiè shìjiè xiàjì tèshū àolínpǐkè yùndònghuì
Host cityShanghai, China
MottoI Know I Can (Chinese: 我知道我可以)
Events25 sports
OpeningOctober 2
ClosingOctober 11
Opened byHu Jintao
Athlete's OathYao Ming
Torch lighterLiu Xiang
Main venueShanghai Stadium
The mascot for the 2007 Special Olympics World Games in Shanghai, displayed in Pudong in front of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

The 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games (Chinese: 2007年世界夏季特殊奥林匹克运动会; pinyin: 2007 Nián shìjiè xiàjì tèshū àolínpǐkè yùndònghuì) were held in Shanghai, China.


A select list of venues used during the games:


Young Athletes introduction[edit]

Concluding its pilot run in 2006, The Special Olympics officially introduced Young Athletes, a sports program for children aged 2–7 with intellectual disabilities. It was designed to get the children exposed and interested in sports before they are eligible to compete in the Special Olympics. It was tested in 11 other countries and over 10,000 children participated.[1]

Revenue and expenses[edit]

The Games made a total of $101,663,833 in revenue, gains, and other financial support. It was a $16,898,416 increase compared to the year before. Total expenses for the year were $101,010,125, another increase from 2006, this time worth $19,841,738.[1]

Founder receives award[edit]

Special Olympics founder, Eunice Kennedy Shriver was awarded with the Minerva Award for Lifetime Achievement two weeks after the closing ceremony on October 23. She won the award for her contributions not only to the Special Olympics, but for efforts to help people with disabilities. The award is named after the Roman goddess Minerva and serves as a way to honor women who have sparked change in their communities, states, and nations.[1]

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