2011 Bergen International Film Festival

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The 2011 Bergen International Film Festival is arranged in Bergen, Norway 19th–26 October 2011, and was the 12th edition of the festival. It features over 175 feature films and documentaries, a new record for the festival. For the first time the festival arranges a competition program for Norwegian documentaries, as BIFF tries to establish itself as the leading arena for the documentary genre in Norway.

Films in competition[edit]

Cinema Extraordinare – In competition[edit]

International Documentaries – In competition[edit]

Checkpoints – In competition[edit]

Norwegian Documentaries – In competition[edit]

  • The Afghan Nightmare, directed by Klaus Erik Okstad
  • Death in Camp Delta, directed by Erling Borgen
  • Folk ved Fjorden, directed by Øyvind Sandberg
  • Ragnhild's Story, directed by Siren Henschien
  • Imagining Emmanuel, directed by Thomas Østbye
  • In God We Trust, directed by Astrid Schau-Larsen
  • Urban Hunters, directed by Sturla Pilskog & Sidse Larsen
  • The Doctors' War, directed by Elsa Kvamme
  • My Beloved, directed by Hilde Korsæth
  • Personal Velocity, directed by Jon Vatne
  • Salesman 329, directed by Kari Anne Moe
  • Snapshots, directed by Anniken Hoel

Norwegian Short Film Competition[edit]

  • Alt faller sammen, directed by Andrew Amorim
  • Asyl, directed by Jørn Utkilen
  • Erkjenning, directed by Jøran Wærdahl
  • Everything Will Be OK, directed by Jonas Matzow Guldbrandsen
  • Farukhs mynt, directed by Susanne Falkum Løvik
  • From This Day to Where, directed by Matias Rygh & Mathias Eriksen
  • No Sex Just Understand, directed by Mariken Halle

Scandinavias Best Music Video[edit]

This year the five videoes from the respective three countries was nominated by NRK P3 in Norway, SVT in Sweden and the magazine Soundvenue in Denmark.

  • Young Dreams – "Young Dreams", directed by Kristoffer Borgli  Norway
  • Torgny – "I Came Here", directed by Emil Trier  Norway
  • Karl X Johan – "Flames", directed by Gustav Johansson  Sweden

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