2011 Colorado earthquake

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2011 Colorado earthquake
2011 Colorado earthquake is located in Colorado
2011 Colorado earthquake
UTC time2011-08-23 05:46:18
ISC event
Local dateAugust 22, 2011
Local time23:46:18 MDT [1]
Magnitude5.3 Mw [1]
Depth2.6 mi (4.2 km) [1]
Epicenter37°04′N 104°42′W / 37.07°N 104.7°W / 37.07; -104.7Coordinates: 37°04′N 104°42′W / 37.07°N 104.7°W / 37.07; -104.7
Areas affectedColorado
United States
Max. intensityV (Moderate) [2]

The 2011 Colorado earthquake occurred on August 22 at 11:46 PM MDT with a moment magnitude of 5.3 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of V (Moderate). The epicenter of the intraplate earthquake was 10 mi (20 km) west northwest of Trinidad, Colorado, and 180 mi (290 km) south of Denver, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).[1][3][4][5][6] It was the largest natural earthquake to affect Colorado for more than a hundred years.[3]

The earthquake occurred as part of a swarm of smaller quakes that started the previous day. The last time the Colorado region received a series of earthquakes was in 2001, when about a dozen smaller-sized temblors were recorded.[1] The shock occurred as a result of normal faulting and was similar in depth, style and location to the events that made up the 2001 swarm.


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