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Earth seen from Moon
Earth seen from Moon

Earth science or geoscience includes all fields of natural science related to the planet Earth. This is a branch of science dealing with the physical, chemical, and biological complex constitutions and synergistic linkages of Earth's four spheres: the biosphere, hydrosphere/cryosphere, atmosphere, and geosphere (or lithosphere). Earth science can be considered to be a branch of planetary science but with a much older history. (Full article...)

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18 July 2024 –
Stegosaurus skeleton Apex is auctioned for $44.6 million (£34 million) at a Sotheby's auction in New York City, United States, the most ever paid for a fossil. (BBC News)
15 July 2024 – Mare Tranquillitatis pit
In the journal Nature Astronomy, American and Italian scientists announce the discovery of a lunar cave, approximately 250 miles (400 km) from the landing site of Apollo 11. (AP) (Nature Astronomy)
5 July 2024 –
The Mount Etna and Mount Stromboli volcanoes on the Italian island of Sicily erupt, forcing a temporary closure of Catania–Fontanarossa Airport. (Al Jazeera)
3 July 2024 –
Scientists announce the discovery of the world's oldest cave painting, depicting three people gathered around a large red pig, estimated to be at least 51,200 years old, in Leang Karampurang cave in the Maros-Pangkep region, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. (Al Jazeera)
28 June 2024 –
A magnitude 7.2 earthquake strikes off the coast of central Peru, injuring 23 people. (Bloomberg)
25 June 2024 – Chinese space program
The Chang'e 6 lunar exploration mission successfully returns to Earth after collecting rock and soil samples from the far side of the moon. (AP)


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