2016 Beirut municipal election

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Municipal election in the Lebanese capital Beirut was held on 8 May 2016.[1] Election was held for 24 seats in the municipal council of the city.[2]

Some 470,000 persons were eligible to vote in the election.[2] The population of Beirut is around four times larger than the electorate, as many Beirut residents remains in the electoral census of their ancestral home villages.[3]

The two main contending lists were 'Beirutis' list' and Beirut Madinati ('Beirut is my city').[2] The Beirutis' List was supported by Saad Hariri, and included politicians from both the 14 March Alliance and the 8 March Alliance.[4] Amongst the parties supporting the list were the Future Movement, Amal Movement and the three main Christian parties.[5] Beirut Madinati was a platform that emerged from civic protests in the 2015 garbage crisis.[6] Film director Nadine Labaki was one of the 24 candidates of Beirut Madinati.[6] Another list in the fray was the secular 'Citizens in the state' list, led by former minister Charbel Nahhas.[4][6] Notably Hezbollah did not endorse any municipal council candidates,[5] "preferring to concentrate on other municipalities south of the city."[7]

Just around 20% of the eligible voters cast their ballots.[4] Security was tight at polling stations, with armed forces deployed.[8]


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