2018 Lashio bombing

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2018 Lashio bombing
LocationLashio, Shan State, Myanmar
Coordinates22°56′17″N 97°44′47″E / 22.938062°N 97.746330°E / 22.938062; 97.746330Coordinates: 22°56′17″N 97°44′47″E / 22.938062°N 97.746330°E / 22.938062; 97.746330
Date21 February 2018
4:30 pm (UTC+6:30)
Attack type

The 2018 Lashio bombing was a bomb blast in Lashio, Shan State, Myanmar that killed two employees of Yoma Bank and injured 22 others.


Bombings are not uncommon in Shan State, where there is an ongoing conflict between the government of Myanmar and various insurgent groups. However, bombings tend to be small-scale and civilian casualties are rare.[1]


At around 4:30 pm (MMT) on 21 February 2018, a bomb exploded between two banks, Yoma Bank and Aya Bank, immediately killing two employees of the former.[1][2] Twenty-two others were injured in the blast.[3][4][5]


On 23 February 2018, the government of Shan State announced it would compensate victims of the bombing, offering 500,000 kyats ($375 USD) to the families of the two deceased and 200,000 to 300,000 kyats to those injured.[6]


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