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GenresPersian pop, hip hop, R&B, Electronic music
Years active2010-present

25band (Persian: بیست و پنج باند) is an Iranian music band originating from Mashhad, Iran.[1] The band was formed in 2010 by lead vocalist Tamin along with A-del as the rapper. 25band started in 2010 with their debut single Vaghte Parvaz (Time to Fly). Their style is a mixture of pop/electro as well as R&B, Hiphop, Jazz, Pop and Trance with Persian traditional music. They currently live in Los Angeles, California.[1] The name 25band comes from Tus, Iran (old name of Mashhad) where both Tamin & A-del have originated from. 25band try to infuse Persian music with today’s modern western style and create a unique mixture & combination.

They also had interviews with Iranian media such as BBC Persian,[2] VOA Persian,[3] Farsi1, Gem Tv and Manoto.[4][5][6]


TADI is the name of the brand that does all of 25band's video clips editing and directing. TADI= T A (Tamin & A-del) D I (taken from their surnames)


25band has released 4 Albums since 2011

"Puerto Rico" Released 2011 (8 Tracks):

  1. Az Man Nagzar
  2. Bereseh Mah"
  3. Bia Bia
  4. Cheghadr Tanhayee Bade
  5. Emshab Mikham
  6. Puerto Rico
  7. Vaghte Parvaz
  8. Vaghte Parvaz Remix

"Hagh Ba Tost" Released 2014 (9 Tracks):

  1. Hagh Ba Tost
  2. Gaahi Vaghta
  3. Ye Baade Khonak
  4. Daram Yakh Mizanam
  5. Daram Yakh Mizanam (Remix)
  6. Az Pisham Miri
  7. Tooye Rahe Eshghim
  8. Bash Ta Bebini
  9. Hamishe Ba Hamim

"Bavar" Released 2015 (8 Tracks):

  1. Man Shak Nadaram
  2. Darde Deltangi
  3. Bavar
  4. Mosafer
  5. Dooset daram
  6. Gharantineh
  7. Tars
  8. Tariktar

"4" Released 2017 (8 Tracks):

  1. Male Man Shodi
  2. Fandak
  3. Baroon
  4. Ta Sobh Khoone Narim
  5. Cheghad Khoobe
  6. Enghad Bekhand
  7. Ayandeh Tarike
  8. Estakhr

"Naro" Released 2018 (Single Track)

"Divoonegi" Released 2018 (Single Track)


25band's concerts till now:


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