3rd Alaska State Legislature

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The Third Alaska State Legislature served from January 1963 to January 1965.


District Name Party Location
A James Nolan Democratic Wrangell
Frank Peratrovich Democratic Klawock
B Walter O. "Bo" Smith Democratic Ketchikan
C Howard C. Bradshaw Democratic Sitka
D Elton E. Engstrom (1-28-63 - 1-30-63)[1] Republican Juneau
vacant (1-30-63 - 3-20-63)
Mildred H. Banfield (3-20-63 - 1-24-65)[2] Republican Juneau
E Nicholas J. Begich Democratic Fort Richardson
Vance Phillips Republican Mountain View
F Harold Z. Hansen Democratic Cordova
G Brad Phillips Republican Anchorage
H Yule F. Kilcher Democratic Homer
I Alfred A. Owen Democratic Uganik Bay
J John Butrovich, Jr. Republican Fairbanks
Robert J. McNealy Democratic Fairbanks
K David C. Harrison Democratic Dillingham
L John B. Coghill Republican Nenana
M John B. "Dixie" Hall (11-04-1891 to 1967) Democratic Fairbanks
N Lester Bronson Democratic Nome
Neal W. Foster Democratic Deering
O Eben Hopson Democratic Barrow
P Pearse M. Walsh Democratic Nome


District Name Party Location
1 William K. Boardman Republican Ketchikan
Walter L. Kubley Republican Ketchikan
2 John E. Longworth Republican Petersburg
3 Frank E. Cashel Democratic Sitka
4 Dora M. Sweeney Democratic Juneau
William H. Whitehead Democratic Juneau
5 Morgan W. Reed Democratic Skagway
6 Robert I. Ditman Democratic Valdez
7 Eugene Reid Republican Palmer
8 Mike Gravel Democratic Anchorage
Earl D. Hillstrand Democratic Anchorage
Joseph P. Josephson Democratic Anchorage
Bruce Kendall Republican Anchorage
Bennie Leonard Republican Anchorage
Carl F. Lottsfeldt Democratic Anchorage
Keith H. Miller Republican Anchorage
Homer Moseley Democratic Anchorage
James C. Parsons Republican Anchorage
John L. Rader Democratic Anchorage
William H. Sanders[3] Republican Anchorage
Harold D. Strandberg Republican Anchorage
George M. Sullivan (1-8-64 - 1-24-65)[4] Republican Anchorage
Jack H. White Republican Anchorage
William C. Wiggins Republican Anchorage
9 Charles E. Cole, Sr. Republican Seward
10 Clem V. Tillion Republican Halibut Cove
11 Gilbert A. Jarvela Democratic Kodiak
12 Arthur J. Harris Democratic Nikolski
13 Jay S. Hammond Republican Naknek
14 Raymond C. Christiansen Democratic Bethel
15 Grant H. Pearson Democratic Nenana
16 Edgar I. Baggen Republican Fairbanks
Forbes L. Baker Republican Fairbanks
C.M. "Jim" Binkley Republican College
John Holm Republican Fairbanks
R. S. McCombe Democratic Chicken
Maurice V. Smith Republican Fairbanks
Warren A. Taylor Democratic Fairbanks
17 Jacob A. Stalker Democratic Kotzebue
18 Robert R. Blodgett Democratic Teller
19 Axel C. Johnson Democratic Emmonak


Alaska Legislature Roster of Members 1913-2010 (pdf). Juneau: Alaska Legislative Affairs Agency. 2010. pp. 39–40. 

Specific and Notes

  1. ^ Died in office.
  2. ^ Appointed to replace Engstrom.
  3. ^ Resigned to accept appointment to a judgeship of the Alaska Superior Court.
  4. ^ Appointed to replace Sanders.