5th Air Defense Artillery Regiment

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5th Air Defense Artillery Regiment
005 CAR COA.png
Active 1861
Country USA
Branch Army
Type Air defense artillery
Motto(s) "Volens et Potens" (Willing and Able).
Harvey Brown
Distinctive unit insignia 5ADARegtDUI.gif

The 5th Air Defense Artillery Regiment is an air defense artillery regiment of the United States Army first formed in 1861 as the 5th Regiment of Artillery.


On 4 May 1861, in conformity with the proclamation of the President, a new regiment of 12 batteries was added to the artillery arm of service and became known as the Fifth of the series.

Congress confirmed this act of the President, 12 July (approved 29 July) of the same year, but all appointments dated from 14 May.

Differing in organization from the older regiments, the new one comprised only field batteries, being in this regard the first entire regiment so equipped in the Regular Army. But it must not be inferred that the Fifth was designated by law as a light artillery regiment. "Nowhere in the act of 29 July do the words 'field or light artillery' occur, nevertheless, the batteries received the personnel belonging to field-artillery only. This, together with the other fact of the mounting, equipping and sending out as field artillery all the batteries, does not leave in doubt that Congress intended the Fifth to be a field artillery regiment." [1]

  • Regiment broken up 13 February 1901 and its elements reorganized and redesignated as separate numbered companies and batteries of Artillery Corps

Reconstituted 1 July 1924 in the Regular Army as the 5th Coast Artillery and partially activated with headquarters at Fort Hamilton, New York. (Batteries A and B activated 1 August 1940 and 15 January 1941, respectively, at Fort Wadsworth, New York; Battery D activated 15 January 1941 at Fort Hamilton, New York..) Regiment activated 19 April 1944 at Camp Rucker, Alabama, disbanded 26 June 1944.

5th Coast Artillery reconstituted 28 June 1950 in the Regular Army; regiment concurrently broken up and its elements redesignated as follows: Headquarters and Headquarters Battery consolidated with Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 5th Antiaircraft Artillery Group (active) (see Annex 1), and consolidated unit designated as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 5th Antiaircraft Artillery Group. 2nd Battalion consolidated with the 214th Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion (see Annex 2) and consolidated unit redesignated as the 24th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion.

After 28 June 1950 the above units underwent changes as follows: Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 5th antiaircraft Artillery Group redesignated 20 March 1958 as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 5th Artillery Group. Inactivated 26 August 1960 at Camp Hanford, Washington.

24th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion redesignated 13 March 1952 as the 24th Antiaircraft Gun Battalion . Activated 16 April 1952 in Korea. Inactivated 20 December in Korea. Redesignated 23 May 1955 as the 24th Antiaircraft Artillery Missile Battalion. Activated 1 June 1955 at Fort Banks, Massachusetts. Inactive 1 September 1958 at Bedford, Massachusetts. Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 5th Artillery Group; 24th Antiaircraft Artillery Missile battalion; 1st Battalion, 5th coast Artillery; and the 5th Field Artillery Battalion (organized in 1907) consolidated, reorganized and redesignated 26 August 1960 as the 5th Artillery, a parent regiment under the combat Arms Regimental System.

5th Artillery (less former 5th Field Artillery Battalion) reorganized and redesignated 1 September 1971 as the 5th Air Defense Artillery, a parent regiment under the Combat Arms Regimental System (former 5th Field Artillery Battalion concurrently reorganized and redesignated as the 5th Artillery – hereafter separate lineage). Withdrawn 16 November 1988 from the /combat Arms Regimental system and reorganized under the United States Army Regimental system with headquarters at Fort Stewart, Georgia.


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