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The 8th Parliament of Solomon Islands, determined by the 2006 general election, was the National Parliament of Solomon Islands from 2006 to 2010. It was preceded by the seventh and followed by the ninth.

The 8th Parliament consisted in 50 representatives, elected from 50 single-seat constituencies.[1]

Party standings[edit]

The various parties had the following number of seats.[2]

Party Seats
Association of Independent Members of Parliament 7
Democratic Party 5
Liberal Party 3
National Party 4
Party for Rural Advancement 5
People's Alliance Party 8
Social Credit Party 3
Independents 12
Speaker 1


The following were the 50 members of the National Parliament.[3]

MP Party Constituency
Steve William Abana Democratic Fataleka
Leslie Boseto National South Choiseul
Peter Boyers AIMP West New Georgia – Vona Vona
Laurie Chan People's Alliance West Guadalcanal
Walter Folotalu ? Lau Mbaelelea
Fred Fono People's Alliance Central Kwara'ae
Bernard Ghiro AIMP Central Makira
Seth Gukuna AIMP Rennel Bellona
William Ni'i Haomae Independent Small Malaita
Francis Billy Hilly National Rannogga-Simbo
Edward Huni'ehu AIMP East Are'Are
Sam Iduri Democratic West Kwara'ae
Toswel Kaua Rural Advancement Baegu-Asifola
Allan Kemakeza People's Alliance Savo-Russels
Mark Roboliu Kemakeza Liberal Gela
Clement Kengava People's Alliance Northwest Choiseul
Johnson Koli People's Alliance East Guadalcanal
Daniel Enele Kwanairara AIMP North Malaita
Nollen Cornelius Leni National East Central Guadalcanal
Gordon Darcy Lilo Rural Advancement Gizo-Kolombangara
Dr. Derek Sikua Liberal North East Guadalcanal
Japhet Waipora Liberal West Makira
to be completed

Changes in membership[edit]

The following MPs obtained their seats through bye-elections during the term of the 8th Parliament.[4]


The following Acts were enacted under the Eighth Parliament.[6]


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