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The Solomon Islands Liberal Party is a political party in the Solomon Islands, which was led by Bartholomew Ulufa'alu from its founding in 1988 until Ulufa’alu’s death in May 2007. Prior to the 1997 elections it formed the Solomon Islands Alliance for Change along with several other parties. The alliance won the 1997 elections with 26 out of 50 seats and Ulufa’alu became prime minister.

Tensions between the indigenous population of Guadalcanal and immigrants from Malaita led to the captivity of Ulufa'alu by Malaitese guerrillas of the Malaita Eagle Force in June 2000. After several days of captivity, he resigned .

At the legislative elections, 5 December 2001, the alliance won 12 out of 50 seats.

At the legislative elections on 5 April 2006, the parties of the Alliance for Change won about 12 seats and the Liberal Party itself won 5.0% and 2 seats.

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