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The A*STAR Talent Search (ATS) is a research-based science competition in Singapore for high school students between 15–21 years of age. It was formerly known as National Science Talent Search. The ATS is an annual competition which acknowledges and rewards students who have a strong aptitude for science & technology. This competition provides students the opportunity to showcase their stellar projects and encourage them to further explore science and technology.

The ATS is administered by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and Science Centre Singapore (SCS) from 2006. Participants are required to compete in the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) and winners from the fair will then proceed to the short-listing round of ATS. The panel of judges consists of distinguished scientists from local and international universities, as well as A*STAR research institutes and a Nobel Laureate as the Chief Judge.[1] ATS winners need to display resourcefulness, mastery of scientific concepts, as well as passion for scientific research.[2]

The First Prize winner will be given S$5000, inclusive of a sponsored overseas conference.[2]

Winners and finalists (top 8 students) of the ATS have gone on to top universities worldwide, such as Harvard University, Princeton University, Yale University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and California Institute of Technology in the United States, and University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and Imperial College London in the United Kingdom.

List of A*STAR Talent Search First Prize Winners
Year Name Institution Chief Judge
2014 Way Tan[3] NUS High School of Mathematics and Science Ada Yonath
2013 Zera Ong Hui Xuan[4] Raffles Institution Hartmut Michel
2012 Lydia Liu Tingruo[5] Raffles Institution Erwin Neher
2011 Cheng Herng Yi[6] NUS High School of Mathematics and Science Rudolph Marcus
2010 Ramyiadarsini Indira Elangovan[7] Raffles Institution Barry Marshall
2009 Chen Fang Yew Nicholas[8] NUS High School of Mathematics and Science Tim Hunt
2008 Chua Meng Shuen[9] Dunman High School Peter Agre
2007 Hang Hao Chuien[10] Hwa Chong Institution Sydney Brenner
2006 Zhao Yan[11] Raffles Institution Barry Marshall


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