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ACE Bakery is a maker of European-style, artisan breads and baked goods. The company, based in Toronto, has some 35 varieties of bread, made preservative free and from natural starters, in addition to other specialty products, including a line of granola[1] and artisan crisps,[2] marketed across Canada and parts of the United States.[3] Along with fresh baked breads, ACE Bakery also makes par-baked or partially baked, flash-frozen dough.[4] Founded by a Caledon, Ontario husband and wife, the company is today owned by George Weston Limited.[5]


In 1982, Martin Connell, a business executive,[6] began baking baguettes, as an early-morning weekend hobby, in the kitchen of his home near Caledon, Ontario.[4] Connell and spouse Linda Haynes, a former television producer,[7] continued to experiment with bread-making techniques and eventually built a small "bakehouse" on the property. They also began visiting bakeries in North America and Europe, as they considered the possibility of starting their own business.[4]

Connell and Haynes opened ACE Bakery at 548 King Street West, downtown Toronto, in March 1993. Located in a former handbag factory,[8] the bakery cafe was initially a 100-loaf-a-day operation.[9] From inception, the couple pledged that a portion of all after-tax profits would be directed to Calmeadow, a charitable foundation in support of micro-financing they had established a decade earlier.[8] By 1996, ACE Bakery sales had reached approximately $4 million.[10] A year later, the business was moved to a larger, 23,000-square-foot facility in North York, which was eventually doubled in size.[4]

In 2001, ACE Bakery introduced a line of frozen dough, a process in which the bread was 85 percent baked and then flash frozen.,[11] The new product was sold to in-store bakeries and restaurants in Ontario, parts of New York and Michigan, as well as resorts in the Bahamas.[4]

In terms of marketing and promotions, Haynes published "The ACE Bakery Cookbook: Recipes for and with Bread,"[12] in 2003, which became a bestseller.[13] It was followed three years later by a second book, entitled "More from ACE Bakery."[14]

By 2008, the company's annual sales approached $50 million and were growing at a double-digit rate.[4] That year, Connell and Haynes, along with Canadian investors Birch Hill Equity Partners, sold ACE Bakery to Glencoe Capital, a Chicago-based private equity firm.[15] Three years later, ACE was acquired by Weston Foods Canada Inc., a subsidiary of George Weston Limited, for $110 million.[16]

The company recently announced plans to construct a bakery in the United States. The facility, to be located in Cherokee County, South Carolina, will cost $18.4 million.[17]


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