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Alco en via 3º.JPG
Type and origin
Power type Diesel-electric
Builder ALCO
Model DL535
Build date 1965—1967
Prime mover ALCO 251D
Performance figures
Maximum speed 120 km/h (75 mph)
Power output 1,350 hp (1.01 MW)

The ALCO RSD-39 was a six axle, low axle weight diesel-electric locomotive built by ALCO and under license by Euskalduna.

Fifty units were built for Alco between 1965—1967 for RENFE, forming part of Renfe class 313. Other versions were exported to railways in South America.

Original buyers[edit]

Railroad Quantity Road numbers Notes
FC Guayaquil a Quito[1] 10 160-169
FC del Sur del Perú[1] 11 350-360
ENAFER[1] 3 433-435
ENAFER Red Sur-Oriente[1] 2 484-485
RENFE[2] 50 1301-1350 Originally as RENFE 1300, later reclassified RENFE 313
ex-RENFE exported to Portugal (CP 1320) and to Argentina, for Trenes de Buenos Aires (TBA)


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