CP Class 1320

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Class 1320
Bf Granada, 313 016 (ALCO).jpg
A RENFE Class 313 at Granada in 2009. Surplus Class 313s were exported from Spain to Portugal, becoming the CP Série 1320.
Type and origin
Builder Euskalduna
Operators Comboios de Portugal
(second-hand from RENFE)
Class Série 1320
Locale Portugal
Delivered 1989
Withdrawn 1997

The Série 1320 were a class of diesel locomotives used by Portuguese Railways (CP). All have now been withdrawn from service.


The 1320s were originally built under license by Euskalduna for the state railways of Spain (RENFE) in the mid 1960s as RENFE class 1300, later renumbered as class 313. In 1989 eighteen units were purchased secondhand by CP. Ten of the fifty units of the RENFE Class 1300 were built by Alco, the original designer. Only license built version were exported to Portugal.[1][2]

In Portuguese service they were repainted in CP's corporate orange livery.

17 of the class were withdrawn in 1997.[1]


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