Girls Own Juice

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Girls Own Juice
EP by Andrew W.K.
Released December, 1999
Genre Rock
Label Bulb Records
Andrew W.K. chronology
Girls Own Juice (EP)
Party til You Puke (EP)

Girls Own Juice (often abbreviated as "AWKGOJ") is the first EP released by Andrew W.K. in December of 1999.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Girls Own Juice"
  2. "Don't Ever Stop the Noise"
  3. "We Want Fun"
  4. "Music or Die"
  5. "Make Sex"
  6. "A.W.K." (Instrumental) (Unlisted)


  • Every song on this EP except for "Music or Die" has been re-recorded or re-released. "Girls Own Juice" was re-worked and released on I Get Wet as "Girls Own Love". "Don't Ever Stop the Noise" was re-worked and released on The Wolf as "The Song". "We Want Fun" was re-recorded and released on the Jackass the movie soundtrack, and as a single. "Make Sex" was extended and released on The Wolf. "A.W.K." (Instrumental) was re-released on the singles for "She Is Beautiful" and "We Want Fun", and an extended version was released on Mother of Mankind. The EP versions of "Make Sex" and "We Want Fun" also appeared as bonus tracks on the Japanese version of I Get Wet.


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