A Taste of Blood

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A Taste of Blood
A Taste of Blood.jpg
Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis
Produced by Herschell Gordon Lewis
Written by Donald Stanford
Starring Bill Rogers
Elizabeth Wilkinson
William Kerwin (as Thomas Wood)
Music by Larry Wellington
Cinematography Andy Romanoff
Edited by Richard Brinkman
Distributed by Creative Film Enterprises Inc.
Release date
  • August 9, 1967 (1967-08-09)
Running time
117 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $65,000 (estimated)

A Taste of Blood is a 1967 American horror film, produced and directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis. It stars, among others, Bill Rogers and Elizabeth Wilkinson. The movie was also known as The Secret of Dr. Alucard. Lewis considered this his masterpiece,[1] which may account for the film's relatively long running time of two hours (most of Lewis's films run no longer than 80 minutes).


A Miami businessman, John Stone, receives a parcel from England containing two old bottles of Slivovitz brandy from his recently deceased ancestor, and after drinking both bottles, becomes a vampire. Stone uses his newfound vampire powers to keep his wife, Helena, in a trance as he travels to England to kill the descendents of Abraham Van Helsing that murdered Count Dracula. Meanwhile, Helsing's distant relative, Howard Helsing, pursues Stone with the intent to put the reborn vampire to rest for good.


  • Bill Rogers as John Stone
  • Elizabeth Wilkinson as Helene Stone
  • William Kerwin as Dr. Hank Tyson (as Thomas Wood)
  • Lawrence Tobim as Det. Crane
  • Ted Schell as Lord Gold
  • Otto Schlessinger as Dr. Howard Helsing
  • Eleanor Vaill as Hester Avery
  • Gail Janis as Vivian
  • Herschell Gordon Lewis as The Limey Seaman and Voice of Baron Khron (as Seymour Sheldon)
  • Judy Waterberry as Ida, the maid
  • Dolores Carlos as Sherri Morris
  • Roy Collodi as Delivery Man
  • Karl Stoeber as Man Walking Dog
  • Thomas Rowland as Detective
  • Sidney J. Reich as Arthur Morris (as Sidney Jaye)
  • Barrie Walton as Telephone Operator
  • Cal Bowman as Hank's Golfing Friend
  • Doug Weston as Police Photographer
  • Jake R. Pawlson as Policeman
  • Bill Kozak as Man Running From Tomb


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