Abanga-Bigne Department

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Abanga-Bigne Department in Moyen-Ogooué Province
Abanga-Bigne Department in Moyen-Ogooué Province
Coordinates: 0°11′45″S 10°45′00″E / 0.19583°S 10.75000°E / -0.19583; 10.75000Coordinates: 0°11′45″S 10°45′00″E / 0.19583°S 10.75000°E / -0.19583; 10.75000
Country  Gabon
Province Moyen-Ogooué Province
Time zone GMT +1 (UTC+1)

Abanga-Bigne is a department of Moyen-Ogooué Province in western Gabon. The capital lies at Ndjolé.

The N2 road links Bifoun from the west to Ndjolé in the east, crossing the Abanga river not far from Ndjolé. Transportation from Libreville is also provided by the Trans-Gabon Railway line.

Towns and villages[edit]