Abby Abadi

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Abby Abadi
Born Arbaiyah Abdul Manan
Kuala Lumpur
Other names Abby Abadi
Known for ELITE (girl band)
Inspektor Aleeza - Gerak Khas
Spouse(s) Norman Hakim (m. 2002-2008),
Muhammad Noor Farhan (m. 2013-2014),
Muhammad Faizal Zakari (m. 2015-present)

Arbaiyah Abdul Manan (born 1 December 1977) or better known as Abby Abadi is a Malaysian singer from girl band ELITE and actress who stars on the popular police drama, Gerak Khas. She won the Berita Harian's Anugerah Bintang Popular Award for Most Popular TV Actress in 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003.[1]

Early life[edit]

Abby was born on 1 December 1977 and comes from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Abby Abadi was a member of the girl-group Elite, before leaving it in 1998.[2] She joined the Wheel of Fortune-based game show Roda Impian during its second season, as co-host. After two season, she later left the show.

Abadi was also filming for the TV series Gerak Khas, playing one of the leads, Inspektor Aleeza. Its popularity led in 2001 to a hit feature film [3] based on the series. Two sequels followed, with more modest success. In 2005, she had a part as Atikah on 'Kamasutra'.

Personal life[edit]

Abby married her co-star, Norman Hakim, in 2002. Norman and Abby was legally divorced (talak satu) at the Gombak Timur Shariah Court in 2008. They have three children together: Mohamed Danish Hakim, Marisa Dania, and Maria Danisha.[1]

Four years after her divorce from Norman Hakim, Abby married Muhammad Noor Farhan Che Bakar. He is 12 years younger than her. Their marriage only lasted for a year. They divorced on 9 May 2014.[2]

Involvement In politics[edit]

Abby's decision to join PAS caused quite a stir in the entertainment industry. This is because of her flamboyant lifestyles as an actress contradicts all that is considered Haram or sinful. Another colleague of Abby, Hairi Othman is also a member of the coalition and they hope to be able to fend off political attacks towards the party.[3]

Abby now is actively involved in politics through her membership[4] in the Opposition party Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS) and has been making her rounds in ceramahs or political sermons around the country, mainly to encourage the people to vote for the opposition in the next General Election.

Even in an Islamic party, Abby cannot seems to avoid controversy. She was said to have married a PAS assembly member Mohd Zaki Ibrahim (41). However, she denied the claims and the issue was not being taken seriously in the Malaysian political arena.[5]

Controversial Comments About Islam[edit]

Abby is quite vocal in voicing her opinion on Islamic teaching. Ever since she became a member of PAS, she began giving notorious sermons and teachings based solely on her personal views.[6]

Because most of her views contradicts the true teachings of Islam, Abby was condemned in the Malaysian blogosphere. In a Malay language portal, it shows that Abby stated that, the reason for all the things that she has done in PAS is for the benefits of her friends, family and the society. She firmly believes that her work in PAS can guarantee her salvation in the here after.[7]

Feud With Religious Scholar[edit]

Because of her controversial comments on Islam, Abby was criticised by one of Malaysia's prominent Islamic scholar Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin. Abby and Dr Mohd Asri lashes out in the social media such as Facebook And Twitter. Other than Mohd Asri, Abby also have been questioned by her fellow PAS member and also a religious teacher Ustaz Azhar Idrus simply because of her views that contradicts the real Islamic teachings. Ustaz Azhar Idrus even suggested that Abby must further her studies and conduct extensive research on subjects that she wanted to comment.[8]

List of films[edit]

  • Gerak Khas the Movie (2001)
  • Gerak Khas the Movie 2 (2002)
  • Gerak Khas the Movie 3 (2005)
  • Andartu terlampau 21 hari mencari cinta

List of Drama[edit]

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