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Abhiman Singh Basnyat
श्री काजी अभिमान सिंह बस्न्यात
Army Chief of Nepal
Preceded by Kalu Pande
Personal details
Born Gorkha, Nepal
Mother Suraprabha Thapa Basnyat
Father Shivaram Singh Basnyat
Relatives Brothers Naahar Singh Basnyat, Kehar Singh Basnyat, Dhokal Singh Basnyat
Religion Hindu

Abhiman Singh Basnyat(Nepali: अभिमान सिंह बस्न्यात) was the third son of Noble man Badabeer Kazi Shivaram Singh Basnyat, who was the first military leader of Gorkha. He laid down his life in a campaign to unify Nepal in 1746 in Chhaling, (Naldum) near Bhaktapur. His mother was Surprabha, daughter of some Thapa Nobleman.

Abhiman Singh had three brothers. His two elder brothers were Kazi Naahar Singh Basnyat and Kazi Kehar Singh Basnyat. His youngest brother, Kazi Dhokal Singh Basnyat, who became the governor of Kumaun, was the first owner of the present Narayanhity Palace.

Abhiman Singh became the first Commander in Chief of a United Nepal after General Kalu Pande died during his second attempt to capture Kirtipur.

In 1857 he was sent to settle the area of Morang and Sunsari, then called Kaala Banzaar. It was a great injustice to him to being sent to this area at such age when he was already a Mulkazi.

Abhiman Singh died at the age of fifty-six in 1857. He was reported to have died from a fever, possibly malaria.