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Mor Savarios Abraham

Mor Severios Abraham is a Syriac Orthodox bishop. As of 2013 Mor Severios Abraham is the Metropolitan of Ankamali region of the Ankamali Diocese and Abbott of Mor Gabriel Dayaro. He is the senior-most metropolitan in the malankara church

Early years[edit]

Abraham Alukkal was born as member of the Alukkal family in Peechanikkad, Ankamali on 12 July 1941. In 1965 he was ordained deacon by Mor Gregorios Geevarghese Vayaliparambil of Ankamali2. In the same year he was ordained by Mor Gregorios as 'Kasshisso'.


He graduated from Community College, Chicago and theological studies from Russian Leningrad Theological Academy and Theological College at Wycliff Hall, Oxford. He obtained his ThD degree from Pacific Western University (California). Abraham served as the vicar of St. Peter's Church in Chicago under Archbishop Mor Athanasius Yeshue Samuel from 1979 to 1981. Before this, he was at the Thrikkunnathu Seminary in Aluva. In 1982, the Ankamali Diocesian Council, held under Dionysius Thomas (Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas I), chose Abraham as the Assistant Metropolitan of the Diocese.


Abraham was ordained metropolitan in the name Mor Severios on 6 March 1982, in a ceremony presided by Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas and assisted by the Catholicose Aboon Mor Baselios Poulose II at the Marthomman Cheriapally, Kothamangalam. Mor Savarios Abraham is the only prelate ordained by Patriarch Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas in Malankara.

Charity works[edit]

After assuming charge as the auxiliary bishop of Ankamali Diocese, Abraham Mor Severios commenced many charity programs. He founded the Guardian Angel Institution in 1985. A list of few institutions started by Severios are:

  • Yeldho Mor Baselios Orphanage, Kothamangalam (1988)
  • Bethsada Destitute Home for the Dying, Vengola
  • Yeldho Mor Basalios Chapel, Vengola (1992)
  • Retirement Home, Vengola
  • Bethsada Public School, Vengola
  • Bethsada Mental Health Center, Vengola (1993)
  • Mor Gabriel Brotherhood
  • Mor Gabriel Prayer Tower
  • Mor Gabriel Dayaro
  • Prayer Shelter


As of 2013:

  • Abbot of Mor Gabriel Dayaro, Vengola
  • Metropolitan of Ankamali Region of Ankamali Diocese

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