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Abu Rushd. Photograph by Chattagram Sangskriti Kendro

Abu Rushd Matinuddin (Bengali: আবু রুশদ) (December 25, 1919 – 2010), born in Kolkata, was a Bangladeshi author who used the literary name Abu Rushd.


After the Partition of India in 1947, Abu Rushd moved to Dhaka, leaving his parents and his brothers behind in Kolkata. In East Pakistan he taught at several colleges before leaving for Oxford for an Honours degree in English. He taught English at various colleges in what was then East Pakistan. In 1971, he was posted as Educational Counsellor at the Pakistan Embassy in Washington. When the Bangladesh Liberation War broke out in 1971, he swore allegiance to Bangladesh. After the liberation, he was posted to as Director of Public Instructions (DPI) and then to the Bangladesh High Commission in London as Educational Counsellor. He died on February 25, 2010.


Abu Rushd in 2009. Photograph by M. Ismail Chowdhury

Abu Rushd's first publication was a collection of short stories in 1939. Besides the novels listed below, he has written 50 short stories and an autobiography, which he considers his most important work. He has further done much translation, both from Bengali to English and English to Bengali, including Shakespeare's plays. He was also a regular columnist for four Bangladeshi newspapers.


  • Elomelo (This and That, 1946)
  • Samne Notun Din (A New Day Ahead, 1951)
  • Doba Holo Dighi (Pool becomes Lake, 1960)
  • Nongor (Anchor, 1967)
  • Onishchito Ragini (The Unsure Tune, 1969)
  • Sthagita Dwip (The Aborted Island, 1974)


  • Taghma-i-Imtiaz (1963)
  • Bangla Academy Award (1996)
  • Habib Bank Award (1970)
  • Ekushey Padak (1981)
  • Nasiruddin Gold Medal (1992)
  • Alakta Literary Award (1992)
  • Bangla Sahitya Parisad Award (1993)
  • Sher-e-Bangla Award (1992)
  • Lekhika Sangha Award (1992)
  • Rotary Club Award (1995)
  • Chattagram Sangskriti Kendro Farrukh Memorial Award (1999)

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